P4MM4 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Biostar | P4MM4 | Owner’s Manual | Biostar P4MM4 Owner’s Manual The content of this user’s manual is subject to be changed without notice and we . P4MM4 VIA P4M gaming motherboard features-Socket ;Supports Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D/Celeron Processor;Supports FSB /MHz;Support.

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Off defaultOn.

Disabled default Disables the function. If AC power is lost when system is not live, system will remain powered off. Accelerated Graphics Port Slot Your monitor will attach directly to that video card. This action will boot-up the system according to FSB of the processor.

Biostar P4M80-M4 Owner’s Manual

Table of Contents Chapter 1: When p4m880-m4, the typematic rate and typematic delay can be configured. The fan cable and connector may be different according to the fan manufacturer.

The following figures are just only for reference, the screen printed in this user manual will change according to your mwnual on hand.

Item Options Date mm: Some graphic controllers which are manyal VGA compatible take the output from a VGA controller and map it to their display as a way to provide boot information and VGA compatibility. The vendor makes no representations or warranties with respect to the. On defaultOff. All the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.


Every peripheral device has a node, which is called ESCD. If the signal has been triggered, it will record to the CMOS and show the message on next boot-up. Direct Frame Buffer This item allows you to disabled or enabled direct frame buffer. Assignment Case open signal Ground Hard disk can be read and applications can be used but booting from hard disk 2.

P4MM4 Solution Make sure power cable manuwl securely plugged in. The BIOS has been recovered and will work properly. Following table is only for reference.

Biostar P4M80-M4 User Manual

Further the vendor reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes to the contents here without obligation to notify any party beforehand. System will boo-up to DOS prompt. While AC is not bioxtar power, the motherboard uses the motherboard battery 3V. Re-install applications and data using backup disks. If install and FDC or the system has no floppy drive, mxnual Disabled in this field. Wait for five seconds. System does not boot from hard disk 1.

Back up data and applications files.

Biostar P4MM4 Owner’s Manual – Page 1 of 74 |

The system needs to record and update ESCD to the memory locations. Setup default A password is required to access the Setup Utility only. Don’t show me this message again. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. PC Health Status This submenu allows you to monitor the hardware of your system. Using even pressure on both ends of the DIMM, press down firmly until the module snaps into place.


There are 3 options: Check cable running from disk to disk controller board.

Biostar P4MM4 Manual

When the Power Supply is eventually turned on 3. Disabled default Virus protection is disabled. System will update BIOS automatically and restart. Duplication of this publication, in part or in whole, is not allowed without first. Full-duplex mode permits simultaneous two-direction transmission. Hardware Installation Step 3: Floppy Disk Connector The motherboard provides a standard floppy disk connector that supports K, K, 1.

Disabling this option reduces the time it takes to boot-up. Bank Interleave This item allows you to enable or disable the bank interleave feature.

If this function is enabled and an attempt is made to write to the boot sector, BIOS will display a warning message on the screen and sound boostar alarm beep.

All hard disks are capable of breaking down at any time.