OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide. 2 reviews. by Biju Thomas. Publisher: Sybex. Release Date: April Books By Biju Thomas Similar Authors To Biju Thomas . OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: Exams 1Z and. Thank you for choosing OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Biju Thomas is an Oracle , Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle.

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Applying the Principle blju Least Privilege Choosing Extent Management Obtaining Tablespace Information Configuring the Undo Tablespace Control File Architecture Monitoring the Undo Tablespace Answers to Review Questions 2.

Enabling and Disabling Constraints 6. Applying a Patch Managing Listeners with Oracle Enterprise Manager Redo Log Files 8.

User Transaction Rollback Understanding Types of Database Failure Utilizing Aggregate Functions 3. Introducing Network Configurations Full Outer Joins 4.


Specifying Export and Import Modes Monitoring the Database Alert Log 9. Savepoints and Partial Rollbacks bimu.

OCA Oracle Database 11g Admin by Biju Thomas – PDF Drive

Creating a Table from Another Table 6. Active Session History Deleting Rows from a Table 5.

Entering SQL Statements 1. The Sizing Tab 9.

OCA Oracle Database 11g Admin

Text Backup of Control File Dropping an FGA Policy Managing Initialization-Parameter Files 9. Using DML Statements 5.

Automatic Shared Memory Management Identifying a Problem Compiling Invalid and Unusable Objects Managing Data Pump Jobs The Local Naming Method Recovering from the Loss of a Redo Log File Dynamically Registering Services Managing Fine-Grained Auditing Detecting Lock Conflicts Understanding Network Architecture Understanding Data Tohmas Using Automatic Workload Repository This two-in-one study guide covers the Oracle Certified Associate certification for Oracle database 11g and reviews exam topics such as restricting and sorting data, using conversion functions and conditional expressions, displaying data from multiple tables, and exploring the Oracle database architecture.


Data Access Methods Character Function Descriptions 2.

The Logical Structure 8. Truncating a Table Primary Key Constraints 6.

Foreign Key Constraints 6. Database Buffer Cache 8. Understanding Locks and Transactions Understanding Control Files Monitoring Locks and Resolving Lock Conflicts