Brighu Prashna Nadi. +. Fortune Telling From The Permutation And Its Combination Of The Planets. +. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: A Classical Work Based On NADI. 36% buy the item featured on this page: Bhrigu Prashna Nadi $ $ Vaastu Purusha Mandalam, 21% buy. Vaastu Purusha Mandalam $ $ 1 Brighu Frashna Nadi How to refer to the Bhrieu Prashna Nadi 1. The Bhrigu Prashna Nadi contains predictions, each prediction commencing on.

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Father gets financial benefits and court speculation will be nqdi. Also there is wealth coming to family, efforts, transactions will be successful,by the help of God, happiness, peace of mind and this good period till the end of next 16 years.

Tire accident to the life, there are chances of escape and comes out successfully. Anyhow, due to a kind of fear complexity and due to some difficulties he is questioning now. But still has great knowledge.

Not to be worried. In the very nearer months: Within few months all kinds of good things and auspicious things will take place. From now on in another 9 years there is again good period leading to happy and peaceful life.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi – R.G. Rao

Concentrate on Divine Thoughts to keep good balance of mind and this is for your good only. Previously, the desire in Mohini Amsha has brought dissatisfaction. From the birth place of this person brings prosperity to father, improvement in transactions and profession, improvement in home-atmosphere, enjoyment-happiness in life and home and good and auspicious things takes place within one-and-half years from this peiod.

In the beginning troubles from bad people,unnecessary troubles, worries, difficulties, loss of finance, loss of educational values, abberation in mind means unbalance,disturbance in mind are seen. From there onwards, the person enjoys excellent, happy family life. But in spite of this, this person enjoys good educational value by the Darshan of Kartikeya and enjoys rich benefit and educational qualifications, though there are ob stacles in his trying periods and by the end of this year, he gets profits in occupation and materialism.

Further, the person whom the question is asked is also a person who has got good respect in elders like all elders,Gurus and over respectable persons and also the person is a veryhelping person and he does not hesitate to come forward to help any person, even foregoing his own personal works and sometimes at his cost too. In the present year, anything done due to hastiness results adverse effects in the court-law speculations. Although the native is well inclined in the divine line of thinking, some of the aspects of the karmic cycles will be forcing him to do certain deeds which by way of his own thinking does not tally, and so the person till his old age will be either trying to balance or try to think which is correct or which is not correct because by the aspect of the law of karma he will be under the confusion whether the karma done is either due to the karma itself by his own mind and considering the same in the lines of divine thinking, whether it is the will of the – God Himself which is or who is responsible for his acts or law of deeds.


Betrayal by close persons and unfortunately this kind of period is likely to continue for a further period of 9 months. Even in career life and even among family circle, cooperation was only average. Although the person is trying to clear the debts, some how they are not assuming a proper shape for a proper settlement and this is also due to some sort of troubles by some corners. Always well mixing with youngsters, a person of wisdom, and not to be worried because of Shubha yogas.

[PDF] Bhrigu Prashna Nadi – R.G. Rao – Free Download PDF

This person did not get equivalent good results for his efforts, so naturally got desperate in life and presently, there is trouble from relatives, and obstructions, unhappiness in family and mind is seen and this is from past some time and misunderstanding among children in family circles, and unnecessary blame also seen and the female also tries to cheat cunningly and this woman is a relative of this person and this woman inspires and abets for internal family disturbance and trouble – shooting.

But still progress can be expected in another 5 months time, and enjoys success in a high seat and auspicious things at home will take place. Anyhow, the position of this person will not come to a degrading position and instead the chances of great prosperity and ‘Utcha Yoga’ is clearly seen for great success and happiness.

In the new venture, the profit is very low, but others will enjoy at the cost of this person. Anyhow, in the meanwhile little financial benefits can be expected.

In the same Amsha there is another person and this person suffers from home life. From the past 5 years periods are with yogas where health career is all in declined condition. The ages of of this person will enjoy excellent yogas and life will be great.

The person is quite intelligent, and although a bit slow, the ultimate goal and success is a surething and is liked by the society. The person will be cared with affection from his uncle sides. Anyhow, some aspects of misunderstanding unharmenous aspects will be there, aspecting his family life. No problems, and not to be worries. The trouble in health more often can be cured by Herbal Beru medicines and treatment.

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A loves-to travels, and builds a great institution. Anyhow some defective aspect will be bhribu aspecting the progenical order and this can be overcome by worshipping the planet of The Dragon Head. Just a few years back the person has suffered from a very dangerous period which is now solved, and the family at home the partner prashnx life may be has suffered a lot due to ill-health. Now, from the past several months an ideas has entered into your mind and your plan comes to a fruitful conclusion after a period of eight months from now-onwards.

It is better to avoid as far as possible long travels, even though there may be pressure on it.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi R G Rao

This person will always strive for self-respect. After one year in tenth month, excellent prospectus in family tree and cooperation, excellent health and after that for 10 years every thing is good. In family circle the disorder of health leads to surgery for cure. From the past year unsuccessful periods is seen, restlessness at home, suffering from lack of peace-of-mind, and from now on, in another one year and 3 months, will be able to make up the improvements at family, home circle and this with success also.

This kind of yoga can be seen and enjoyed for a period of – years which is predominants. But this person has no way though there is will, and is actually suffering, due to the above problems.

Brighu Prashna Nadi 42 This person who is questioning can except good results by the view of the Planets in favourable angles. The problems at home is solved by the performance of pooja as stated above.

This person treats both good and bad persons equally. The cooperation of the family and children will behormoneous and life till 74 is excellent, bhrifu and enjoyable.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi R G Rao

Obstacles of the past have found a solution now. This kind of life is really profitable i. But your sister will face trouble due to unfavourable time and anow she is not successful in life but in another six months her time will become good and afterwards she enjoys good yoga an auspicious period. He is always 16 Brighu Prashna Nadi well behaving and obedient to elders, while offering his respect to elders.

As months pass by good news comes with good cooperation and badi benefits from anew place and the family – tree enjoys good time in two years from now and enjoys credit, bhirgu, and profit.