D., PROFESSOR OF SANSKRIT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. PREFACE. OF the three Satakas or centuries of couplets ascribed to Bhartrihari, the Mti. Bhartá¹›hari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Front Cover. Bhartrhari, P. P. Sharma Bibliographic information. QR code for Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Title, Bhartrihari Nitishatakam.

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Fairdgya SataJca, sloka The man who is entirely ignorant is easily guided: Hitopadesa, Mitrabhedah, 66, 71, 72, for ideas similar to those contained bharteihari the last line of this s”loka. Lotus fibre is enough for our food ; water suffices for us to drink ; we may lie on the bare earth ; we may be clothed in bark raiment. Thou art a king: A kalpa is supposed to be a day and night of Brahma, and to equal 4,, years of men.

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam – Bhartrhari, P. P. Sharma – Google Books

Use thy hand as a drinking vessel; eat in peace the food thou hast gained by begging with pure mind ; take up thy seat in any place thou canst, looking on the whole world but as grass. Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. Abel’s are so thoughtful, so full of happy illustrations, and so admirably put together, that we hardly know to which we should specially turn to select for our readers a sample of his workmanship.

Edkins notices in terms of just condemnation mitishatakam exaggerated nitishattakam bestowed upon Buddhism by recent English writers. Alms content me ; bark clothing satisfies me ; I care nothing for wealth gained in bhxrtrihari state of slavery to objects of sense. Whence then is the feverish desire that men have for a few cities? Cancel Forgot your password? The account of the Chinese traveller Yi-Jing indicates that Bhartrihari’s grammar was known by CE, and that he may have been Buddhist, which the poet was not.


We have not studied knowledge while upon the earth knowledge which tames the hosts of disputants bhartribari is suitable for a well-trained man: But beyond tradition there is no evidence whatever as to the authorship of these Satakas.

The Ganges falls from heaven upon the head of Siva ; from the head of Siva on to the mountain ; from the top of the mountain to the earth, always falling lower and lower: It’s my third order and i’m very pleased with you. A man who is famishing longs for a handful of grain ; but when he has revived, he looks on the whole earth as a mere handful of grass.

May there be glory to wise men who are learned and accomplished poets! Presents many points of deep interest to the student of comparative philo- sophy, and without Mr. Subsistence can be easily gained nitisuatakam this world in the path of delights. The world, though it be supported on the king of the serpents, on the elephants that bear it up, on the great mountains, and on the tortoise, shakes; but that which has been promised by men of pure bhartriharri never fails, even though ages have passed away.

Time has gone by, passed without difficulty through the pleasing society of beautiful women. I really like this website!

Neither in the pardoning of injuries nor in the abandon- ment of home was there any idea of self-abnegation ; the first proceeding from want of power to revenge the injuries, the second, because the pleasures of home were unattainable. Niti Sataka, sloka If a man be greedy, what further vice can he have? The hand serves for a cup; food is gained by beg- ging ; the sky with its pure expanse serves for nitishatzkam garment ; the earth is a couch.


Kalpa-anta, the end of a kalpa, the destruction of the world. The sun feels fatigue in his course ; nitishatxkam then does he not stand still? Thou dost not regard the face of the rich; thou dost not speak flattering words ; thou dost not listen to the utterances of pride ; thou dost not go here and nitisnatakam for the hope of profit ; but thou eatest in their season the fresh shoots of grass, and sleepest peacefully at the time of sleep.


Davies’s volume on Hindu Philosophy is an undoubted gain to all students of the development of thought.

Satavishdna, ” the horn of a hare ; ” proverbial for that which does not exist. What need has the truthful man of penances? Hershon is a very competent scholar.

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam

She, being infatuated with the king, in turn, gave it to him. The period between B. What profit is there in the Vedas, or in the Smriti, or in the reading of Puranas and the tedious Sastras, or in the bewildering multitude of ceremonial acts which lead to an abode in the tabernacles of heaven? What matters either state if you know not the glory of the Supreme One who destroys all evils?

Now, purifying myself with a vessel of leaves joined together, may I gain my livelihood by means of the barley grain which I have begged.

The Aborigines of Central India. The design of this little work is to provide for missionaries, and for others hhartrihari, like them, have little leisure for original research, an accurate summary of the doctrines of the Vedanta. The constant man loses not his virtue in misfor- tune.

Vide Niti tiataJca, Miscellaneous, sloka This sloka commences the section treating of liberality and benevolence. Further, words are understood only in the context of the sentence whose meaning as a whole is known.