A catalog of User Guides and Owner’s Manuals for Beseler enlargers and darkroom products available Beseler 67C Condenser Enlarger Manual (blue model). Documents Similar To Beseler 67c Enlarger Manual. SRTServiceManual. Uploaded by. Mario Lamprea · Beseler 45MXII Enlarger. Uploaded by. This camera manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. Beseler periodically updates products and therefore illustrations and 67(2). ). TCS-ENLARGER. EXPLODED VIEW. IO – X. (

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You can align the lens by shimming the lensboard with tape. The action is firm, tight, and positive, this gave us the feeling that there was absolutely no slippage in the linkage. Following it is a review of the Beseler 67 Dichro head, also from ModernNovember We have rarely seen a machine this well aligned simply because shipping can often affect enlarger alignment.

The beseler 67C was so well aligned that the error was undecernible. The carriage won’t fall if you let go of the crank neseler a counterbalance spring is incorporated in the elevation assembly. The Beseler 67 Colorhead consists of four parts: At a time when products must sometimes be compromised to keep costs as low as possible, the 67CS is one compromise that works. This change in film-format fashion had already been reflected several years ago when Beseler introduced the 67C model; it was a logical step to use the existing 6×7 head to modify the 23C.

There is a mass movement back to the darkroom in this country.

Eric, From my 67C manual: Yeah, I had that “B” condenser lens in there for awhile when I started 677c 6×6 enlargements before I learned it was for smaller formats. The three filtration control knobs are clustered on the front of the lamphouse and a white light lever for maual the filtration from the light path is located on the right side.


I’d love to know how to align this enlarger if anyone can forward a manual or lend some advice as to which screws to turn. First the bar is placed on the baseboard and the bubble is centered.

Aligning Beseler 67c | Photography Forums

Eric, Beselwr else to consider You will find it a very good design: Firstly, the readily indentifiable ladder-frame chassis construction, a Beseler trademark, has been preserved; stability, therefore, has been assured. From both an operating and an image-quality standpoint, the Beseler 67 enlarger and Colorhead were a delight to work with.

The 67C is the easiest machine to assemble that we have ever seen. The 67C provides 5″ of bellows extension, enough for reductions from a 35mm negative, and employs Beseler’s excellent lensboard mounting system. What’s left is the mixing chamber. M — electric motor to raise and lower the lamphouse C — Beseler colorhead filter drawer type R — Resistrol unit variable voltage regulator X — Rear support truss extra reinforcement AF — Automatic focus B — Beslite flourescent cold-light head AG — Beseler-Agra colorhead continuously variable filter type I have a few of Instruction Manuals and brochures available for download.

Focusing is accomplished by either of the left and right side knobs.

Most color exposures run less than a minute the upper end of color paper reciprocity effect. One troublesome note; when the head was set in place and carefully adjusted with the retaining screws well tightened, there was a bit more of a light leak than we cared for. For anything bigger, the mamual had to be reversed on the baseboard. Locating pins center the film in the carrier.

Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

The practical effect is the consumer gets more for his dollar. As such, the enlarger uses all of the negative carriers, lensboards and accessories which have complemented preceding 67 models, including the Dichro 67S colorhead.


Two marked “A,” that always remain in place and one marked “B,” the is left in place for small formats only. While there are certain beselet to its abilities, most darkroom enthusiasts will find nothing lacking that they require.

Jul 8, 1. It originated at the point where the colorhead meets the carrier, and it resulted in a 76c sliver of light around the darkroom at carrier height. Sorry, no PDF and no scanner.

Beseler 67 Series Enlargers Camera Manual

The scale is marked from cc in units of 1 cc. I’ve scoured the net looking for it and can’t find one. Ask a question about this product. In use the 67CS is, again, simple and straightforward. Flip it down and the filter system mxnual moved out of the light path and you get white light for focusing and black-and-white printing.

By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Colorhead is designed to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing. This becomes clearly evident even when the machine is examined casually.

Three screws are then tightened by hand and the enlarger is mounted. Their enlargers along with Omega were frequently found in schools and rental labs; a great many students learned how to print on a Beseler enlarger. Another method would be align the lens plane by shimming manul column or easel, and then realign the negative stage to parallel. We’ll ebseler it two ways: I think this was a quirk of my particular unit, but you might want to check this out before you buy.