Bérénice: Bérénice, tragic drama in five acts by Jean Racine, performed in and published in It is loosely based upon events following the death of. Racine: Berenice, a new complete downloadable English translation. Described as a ‘ravishing elegy’, Berenice is today regarded as one of Racine only makes very occasional appearances on the British stage.

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While I, the memory makes me shudder still: I hear you offer me another crown, Yet hear it not from you. And therefore will not speak. Here sometimes, too, he comes to see the Queen: Why, can you think that I forget old friends And think about my berehice more than them, And cast them off as things of no more use?

It is a bitter struggle, I confess. No, raacine not see her ; we’ll respect her grief.

What did he say? Go on, my Lord, the victory is yours: I attest the gods That you are ever present in my thought. Run to her help.


Berenice (play) – Wikipedia

If that be true, why rnglish we separate? I know my error now. I go too late. For I shall tell you Miseries, perhaps, of which you dared not think. That is not all. He pleased you, for of course he came before you In all the splendour of a man who bears The vengeances of Rome in his two hands.

Alan Hollinghurst: translating Racine

Above all, beg that I may keep from her. I dare not speak to you about myself, But formerly I could bring peace to you.

Do not you leave me, Phenice, I am faint. Yes, but are these those deeds in the great style, That were to crown me in men’s memories?

Review: Berenice

Lady, for five years you and I have loved ; I never loved you better than to-day, Never so tenderly, never so dearly.

Sir, I have said farewell to her for ever. Can you not see me, save with looks of grief? Lord, there can be no doubt, whate’er the cause. But how to translate all this, with its high formal rigour, into English?

No ; rather would I lose the memory of him. For I shall see her weep, and pity her. But what, you do not answer.


How can I guard the laws I cannot keep? This page was last edited on 18 Julyat You are like Titus, and a hundred times I have been pleased to see your likeness to him. Stay till it passes. Time, and three kingdoms that she cannot rule — Your kingdoms side by side, the better joined.

They say, of course, That she is good and beautiful, and seems Made to be Empress over human beings ; They say she has a truly Roman heart. Titus begs her to stay but she refuses both Antiochus and Titus. And I was told That he expects Antiochus even now. Lord, you will see her. Sir, the Queen starts — [Enter Antiochus. Duty demands that we must berenuce. Lord, you know my zeal.