Bérénice: Bérénice, tragic drama in five acts by Jean Racine, performed in and published in It is loosely based upon events following the death of. Racine: Berenice, a new complete downloadable English translation. Described as a ‘ravishing elegy’, Berenice is today regarded as one of Racine only makes very occasional appearances on the British stage.

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All the wide world will ring with praise of you. Racinw two things, one dynamic, the other cumulative, have been initiated: O great gods, I beg you save That heart so like to die! His going so Leaves me, I grant you, with a troubled mind. I mentioned the catastrophe berenide Berenicebut it is a remarkable one, unique in Racine’s plays, since nobody dies.

And if I speak, you will for ever hate me. I cannot think it! But, my great Lord, what can I think of you?

And you have listened to me even with pleasure. If that be true, why should we separate? I want one moment’s speech with Berenice.

Comme nous le dit la preface de Racine, la tristesse majestueuse fait ainsi tout le plaisir de la tragedie. They say, of course, That she is good and beautiful, and seems Made to be Empress over human beings ; They say she has a truly Roman heart.

Years later he was revealed as the “fifth man” in the group of Cambridge graduates spying for the Soviet Union. She starts this evening. So dies the hope that you had given me! Let us perform what we are bidden do. Can I ever dare To tell the Queen I love her?


My heart shrinks from it. You saw last night how his religious cares Were backed by solemn vote, when in full house The Senate ranked his father with the gods? No one can be compared to him in Rome ; But in the East the Queen may count me some- thing. For Berenice Is perhaps dying in Phenice’s arms — Hears and knows nothing, but cries out for death; And you alone, my Lord, can save her life. Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers.

Why did you not, eacine, say “Oh, wretched Queen, There is no hope! You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or envlish subjects are covered.

Alan Hollinghurst: translating Racine

You can do what you please — love — cease to love; The Court will racnie as you and take your part. And then I hoped — always I had some hope — That something here might make a way for me.

Believe me, dear, When I recall the memories of the past, From when I saw him first to this sad day, Loving him well has been my only fault.

Rome, the Empire — Berenice. Still, no translator, probably, will sacrifice Racine’s rhyme without a saddening anxiety that something so integral to the original is being jettisoned. Show me less love for very pity’s sake, And let me at the least set forth persuaded That I am leaving one who is not sad Engllsh see me go.


Berenice, a tragedy;

Stay till it passes. Give up enflish Empire, Go to the wide world’s end, and live with her; Make place for those more fit than I to reign.

What he lacked, unfortunately, was an ear; in his desire to capture as much of the sense of the original as he could he was forever cramming and enjambing and inverting, with clumsy shifts of register and only the most fleeting glimpses of the piling magnificence and rhetorical inexorability of the originals. In making a new translation of Berenice I’ve done my best to rxcine these restrictions, but haven’t always held my nerve.

She is most hurt that Titus leaves her there So long in tears. So Heaven does justice to you I You will go, But englksh go with you.

Full text of “Berenice, a tragedy;”

Similarly, while it teeters towards the devastation found in typical Greek tragedies, it swiftly veers away towards a cooler conclusion. You may remember, too, how once your brother, Agrippa, spoke for me, and it may be. And Titus welcomed me and brought me here.

You have given her magnificence of power.