Evergreen shrub, ft ( m), dense branches with “lethal” three-parted spines. Leaves alternate but often 5 per node, narrow, cm long x cm wide. Find help & information on Berberis julianae wintergreen barberry from the RHS. Buy Berberis Evergreen julianae Hedge (Berberis julianae) in a huge range of sizes.

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Flowers are yellow flowers tinged with red, borne in clusters of up to 25 flowers.

Berberis julianae Hedge Plant- Hedges Direct UK

Giant, daisy-like orangey-pink flowers with dark brown centres appear on top of tall, strong stems, providing colour and interest to your borders Alkaline Soil with a pH between 7 and 14 are refereed to as Alkaline. Ready to use Helps build soil fertility Encourages strong, healthy growth Increases crop yield Nutrient Content It is a little known fact that shrubs planted in the autumn and winter will be easier to look after than those planted in the spring and summer, because they will have time to establish and become hardy in the cooler months.

Great all round feed julianxe plants, vegetables and flowers in gardens and inside the home. Plantae Wilsonianae an enumeration of the woody plants collected in Western China for the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University during the yearsand by E.


Good Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer. Berberis julianae hedging Customer also bought: This will start with browning leaves, which could indicate plant stress due to lack of water or waterlogging, an establishment failure or, in the worst case scenario, honey fungus.

Buying Shrubs from Jacksons Nurseries.

Most commonly this is where plants with variegated leaves sprout pure green growths instead of variegated ones. Plenty of root on all the plants Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer.

Sand Sandy soils have a low clay content, drain quickly, easy to cultivate and work. Flowering Time A plants development is synchronised with the changing seasons and flowering is one of several changes that occur at the appropriate time of year dependent on the specific plant.

Views Read Edit View history. Semi-evergreen There are exceptions, some plant drop their leaves in cold winters but keep them if it is mild. However, at first they need careful, frequent watering and should not be left julkanae dry out. Shrubs can be mulched in late winter, after fertiliser has been applied, but it can berberris mulched through autumn to late spring as long as the ground is damp.

At Jacksons Nurseries we sell a variety of shrubs both evergreen and deciduous with a variety of flowering times throughout the year.

Fragrant green spikes of flowers appear on this deciduous plant in July, followed by bronze Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea Berberis thunbergii ‘Rose Glow’. Rhododendron Dwarf ‘Drake’s Mountain’ Wilson edited by Charles Sprague Julixnae 1 3: Fertile, well-drained and easily worked.


Evergreen Plants that have leaves all year round are classified as evergreen. Poorly Drained Poorly Drained soil is usually saturated periodically during the growing season and remains wet for several days at a time.

Dark green leaves turn scarlet Loam Loam soils are s mixture of clay, sand and silt that avoid the extremes of clay or sandy soils. Adding well rotted organic matter to dry or wet soil will help improve both these characteristics. Saturated soil can deprive roots of oxygen.

Berberis julianae – Wikipedia

They can however lose leaves sporadically throughout the year. A deciduous hybrid azalea which offers rich flowers and striking autumn foliage colour. Most shrubs will grow happily in containers, but they will be much more demanding on feeding and watering than shrubs in bedberis ground would be.

It bears clusters of yellow flowers in late spring which are sometimes red-tinged at the edges.

Berberis julianae

Chalk Clay Loam Sand. New dwarf, bushy, female hop with exceptional golden foliage. Full Sun Six or more full hours of direct sunlight but don’t forget to water.