Bemisia argentifolii. Bellows & Perring Bemisia tabaci Biotype B (Gennadius, ). Common Names. silverleaf whitefly, sweetpotato whitefly. Abstract. In a greenhouse experiment we documented the effects of low, medium, and high nitrogen in cotton on development and honeydew production by the. Abstract. The suitability of the whitefly Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring and the potato aphid, Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas), as prey for 2 indig.

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The host range of silverleaf whitefly includes over species of plants.

Differentiation of three whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses from the Republic of Yemen. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. The range of whitefly lifestages infected by P. Encarsia formosa Matui,and Eretmocerus eremics were registrated as natural enemy agents by the Government.

argentifolil They initiate feeding on the lower surface of a leaf, also feeding in the phloem. The pedicel draws water into the egg from the leaf thereby preventing desiccation before hatching.

Silverleaf whitefly

Consequently, use of this parasitoid for control of B. A rotation of insecticides that offer no cross-resistance bemisi therefore be used to control infestations.

Once becoming sessile, three more molts occur as a flattened, oval nymph. The nymphs are flattened, oval scalelike structures. Most whitefly species are arrhenotokous, and females are produced from fertilized eggs. This includes many glasshouse and field crops, as well as weeds.

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Time to adult emergence by whiteflies increased with decreasing argentifoliii fertilization. Adult minute pirate bug Orius sp. Bemisia tabacispecies complex, whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii. Further price reduction for E. Eretmocerus species cause mortality to whiteflies by host-feeding, in addition to parasitism.

Tsai JH, Wang K. It differed from the indigenous strain of B. Before transplanting nurseries of tomatoes, they should be free from the whitefly by application of pesticides.

Bemisia argentifolii

The population of the silverleaf whitefly invaded into Japan has no diapause and cannot hibernate in open air, because the whitefly has no tolerance to low temperature below zero degree centigrade. Spread argnetifolii whitefly Bemisia tabaci B-biotype in open-pollinated tomato growing areas of southern Karnataka and its associated problems in tomato.

Entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi have been shown to offer much potential in controlling what has now been determined as MEAM1 species Bemisia populations Cuthbertson et al. If whitefly populations are either T. Toxicological and mechanistic studies on neonicotinoid cross resistance in Q-type Bemisia tabaci Hemiptera: In protected plant culture, such as greenhouses, it is not possible to rely on natural biological control.

A fungi, Verticillium lecaniis registrated as a biological agent which can control Thrips palmi and greenhouse whitefly at a same time Saito, Influence of foliar pubescence on incidence and parasitism of Bemisia argentifolii Homoptera: Inundative or mass releases are used when natural enemy reproduction is expected to be insufficient to suppress pest population growth, and control is achieved by released natural enemies and to a limited extent their offspring.


It is assumed that all these introductions have been accidental. Aleyrodidae and Macrosiphum euphorbiae Homoptera: A green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea adult. Discussion View source History. Annals of the Entomological Society of Bmisia, 90 5: Host plant resistance offers limited hope for whitefly management.

However, Bellows et al.

Bemisia argentifolii – Bugwoodwiki

Different host plant species can significantly affect whitefly survivorship and reproductive rates For example, at 25 o C, egg to adult development for B. Nymphs feed by stabbing into the plant with their mouth-parts and sucking up plant juices.

Evaluation of piemarker Abutilon theophrasti medic as a trap plant in the integrated management of Bemisia tabaci biotype B in cotton and soybean crops. Photograph by Gary Simone, University of Florida.

The fourth and red-eyed nymphal stages combined lasts adgentifolii five to six days. Aleyrodidae on five host plants. But after the description of a new species named as the silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifoliiby Bellows et al.