Episode Chopin for Guitar. Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2; Barrios: Mazurka Appassionata. rc-guitar It’s inevitable. Write a pretty tune for one instrument, and all. details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Mazurka Appassionata, for guitar on AllMusic. Agustín Barrios-Mangoré. Download

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Mazurka Appassionata, for guitar | Details | AllMusic

I don’t mazur,a it’s something you can take advice for over the internet. Which neck do you think would give you the best chance? Guitar Masterworks of Agustin Barrios. Then, around June everything worked, and I could do the stretch on my mm; I ended up performing it in a master class that August.

Master Works for Guitar. Latin American Guitar Music. I think two things happened: This is what did it for me. Only one brief cadenza-like passage before the final section barriod any obvious hint of the music’s technical difficulty, which is actually consistent and intricate throughout. Lo Cant dels Aucells. What strings do you think that Mr Barrios used?!

Mazurka Apasionada (Barrios Mangoré, Agustín)

When you get that straightened out- there ya go! Start by moving your 2nd finger forward from the E to the F, and then place the tip of your 1st finger on the low B- in a “side” placement that allows for the curvature of the arch in your 1st finger that you will need.


Play scales whilst holding down a Barre for instance. Thank you for posting this, I might try to play the whole piece now. What do you think about Zhu Liying’s solution? Guitar Classics from Latin American, Vol. Yes, develop your stretch. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

It’s all about relaxing your left hand. Once you get that ok, bend your first finger so you can use the tip to get the low B on the sixth string, without disturbing your “base finger” hold on the high B. Gitarren von Richard Jacob Weifigerber. Classics of the Americas, Vol. So try this- first, in the 10th measure, leave the 1st finger out entirely, just get your 2nd and 3rd fingers well placed on the F and A, and then get the reach with your 4th up to the B going ok.

One of this composer’s most Chopin -esque compositions, the Mazurka Appassionata keeps its triple meter in the forefront while not neglecting the wistful melody that recurs as a refrain, or the sometimes darker melodies with which it alternates. Now to play it in context- in moving from the previous measure, contrary to what normally would be recommended procedure, don’t move for the low B as your first step, even if it is the first note you need prepared for sounding.


Introspection Late Night Partying. This is one of his most beautiful pieces! What scale-length do you think that Mr Barrios used Composite treble strings might prove more of a problem than nylon I use both on different instruments – composites can have huge tension despite their slim width.

Genre Chamber Music Classical. After a week or so I thought it too difficult for me, so I put it aside.

Rarely have I encountered any music that I’ve found technically impossible, but I’ve also had the help of a strong teacher for most of my development, but, after transferring away from conservatory due to money issues, I’m now trying to learn this on my own. I find that certain strings work for certain guitars AND pieces. Guitar Classics from Latin America, Vol. Because they are set-up mazuurka I actually was playing this piece last night pretty comfortably after not playing it for about a month.

I’m close enough with the stretch that I can get the high b note to sound, although it’s muted.