Garmin G versus Avidyne Entegra. You’re here because you want to know which glass cockpit is better and/or easier to use: the Garmin G or the. The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a total upgrade of the existing Entegra avionics suite to be found in your aircraft. During the upgrade your old PFD & MFD. Blame the folks who made the nearly inch span of SR22 panel occupied by Avidyne’s certificated, TSO’d Entegra EFIS panel: a primary.

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Once out and maneuvering, any slight airspeed change or altitude modification quickly illuminated the trend indicators, their sudden appearance providing me an instant cue that something was changing that instantaneously caught my attention. A large attitude indicator is located in the upper center, and the entire width of the PFD displays a inch long horizon that tilts as the aircraft banks. Now, just sit back and get ready to form an opinion. Please enter an answer in digits: The G includes a graphical fuel range ring which shows you the distance you can travel in any direction until your reach your avidynee fuel or until you reach fuel exhaustion.

You can display the HSI as a full degree indicator, overlaid by the course needle, CDI needle, digital course display, navigation waypoints, a flight path indicator and a wind arrow that shows relative wind direction and speed — mighty useful flying in the muck.

Fuel totalizers track fuel consumption and remaining fuel. With Avidyne, should the PFD fail, you’ll need to use the round standby gauges.

As usual, I digress. Surrounding the AI depiction are several other useful pieces of information. Entegra also employs an integrated air data computer to generate airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, and outside air temperature OAT. Soon EFIS systems from Chelton, Garmin, Goodrich entegga Honeywell will come into being, expanding the options available to take a piston panel from s quaint to 21st century sophisticated.

You lose the Sandel — don’t need it anymore — along with all those air- and suction-powered gyros, mechanical air-sensor instruments, engine gauges and more.

The Engegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a system truly designed to eliminate any unnecessary complexity, reduce head-down time, provide a new level of redundancy and, most importantly, to dramatically improve the safety of all onboard your aircraft.


In the certificated ColumbiaLancair opted to mount the Entegra and EX in the “portrait” or vertical orientation.

The “Big Ten Inch” — Avidyne FlightMax Entegra

Entegra Release 9 includes: Compared to the maze of wires and connectors required to tie together the conventional panel, the fewer and simpler connectors needed for Entegra greatly simplify installation. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.

Working in harmony as a single unit, Avidyne’s state-of-the-art ADAHRS senses roll, pitch and yaw changes with reliability well beyond what we get from mechanical gyros — but at a cost point well below similar solid-state gear used in high-end business-turbine aircraft.

You cannot go wrong with either of these systems. Multiple instances of the FMS will run concurrently due to the dual-system capability installed, resulting in fully-synchronous and redundant FMS processes. The TAWS is nice to have, but not a necessity.

Avidyne ENTEGRA RELEASE 9 – RGV Aviation

As you enter a new destination the system will auto-fill the remaining characters in your entry, dramatically reducing the number of actions that you, xvidyne pilot, must complete. The more you know about glass cockpit technology, the more you’re going to like the entegar according to a FSU study. Emax lets pilots track engine health and performance information on the MFD while still displaying the moving map.

As each individual Integrated Flight Display IFD is capable of performing any of the functions of the other there are no unfamiliar or limited reversionary modes required, allowing you to train as you fly and fly as you train. As these players vie for market share, others are poised to follow. So now, the Entegra Release 9 will bring your integrated flight deck to the highest level yet!

The Avidyne has a full screen engine page on the MFD. Pilots are always on the lookout for the latest tools and information to enhance the performance of an aircraft, and to improve the safety of a flight. You are likely to find that the system will actually display your required waypoint based on your initial suggestion. Using the FMS Vectors technology, the FMSW can calculate the transition from the en route GPS phase of flight to the ILS intercept, before drawing a curved intercept flight path onto the display and even providing wind-corrected roll steering commands to the autopilot.


All glass cockpit aircraft have the option for an autopilot.

Garmin G versus Avidyne Entegra Comparison

Most planes are ordered with one, and flight training emphasizes use of the autopilot. The FlightMax EXC Emax Engine Monitor takes everything you’ve ever seen on a graphic engine monitor and moves it all to a new, bigger, more-colorful level. Columbia and Beechcraft have fully integrated autopilots, while for avidynee you must set target altitudes and read status information on the autopilot–though you do get warning tones if you deviate from your target altitude.

As mentioned above, a G has a lot of functions, enntegra causing a steep learning curve. The FMSw features an easy-to-use drop down menu system that makes airway flight planning easy.

Entegra Downloads

You–if you choose to learn and fly these systems. The FMS will avidyyne intelligently analyse your flight route, graphically warning you of any discontinuities between your specified route and the airway structure.

That concludes the tour of the upper half of the Entegra PFD display; take a look at what lives on the lower half: Your course lines are displayed in the lower half as well. Well, like so much else in the standard panel, the engine gauges have gone all-electronic, as well. A History of Upgradeability and Performance Since and the first Avidyne Entegra all-glass flight deck for general aviation, Avidyne has continually released the most up-to-date avionics systems available.

With avivyne through the familiar pitot-static system, Entegra’s air data computer continually updates the winds aloft and true airspeed TAS indications on the PFD. The Avidyne only allows you to change the range on the MFD and the map always remains centered relative to your airplane position you can scroll around the Garmin maps, though these are much lower resolution than the MFD.