This site hosts documentation for openSUSE and SLES/SLED related products AutoYaST: AutoYaST Reference Manual; Zypp: libzypp Documentation; libyui. It contains additional information about how AutoYaST should handle this module. E.g. if an entry will be created when the AutoYaST configuration file will be. Bugs. Bugs are reported via and assigned to autoyast- [email protected] Changing official SLES Documentation. The official SLES .

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If not set, DES is configured. Warnings can be skipped in some places but should not be ignored. Even if you have more than one dialog, you must not use the same id twice. When writing the configuration, services are matched using the key fields; to the matching service, non-key fields are applied.

If you don’t want to put the whole shell script into the XML profile, refer to the autoyaast parameter. If it is on a flash disk, then the option usb: In addition to the pre-defined directives, you can always use post-scripts to change other things in the system. Docuentation control file is transferred onto the target system where its directives will be parsed and fed into YaST.

You can ask more than uatoyast question per dialog.

AutoYaST Development

This documengation be a static list of packages or a dynamic list depending on the configuration. AutoClient class second suggestion. I am only focusing on http for this howto. Both relative and absolute paths can be provided. Disk space in megabytes that must remain free after saving the dump.


AutoYaST2 for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

The AutoYaST profile needs to look like the following:. If you have more than one script, set the filename to a reasonable value. If set to truebooting from Btrfs snapshots will be enabled. A list of users who belong to the group.

Specify device assignments for this bundle Specify groups for this bundle. It is just impossible. You can change the label documentatiion the Ok button. All data is committed to the journal prior to being written to the main file system. A rule must have at least one attribute to be matched.

Before attempting advanced configuration please make sure that you have first created a valid autoysat configuration file as described above. Use this to enable a server for TFTP trivial file transfer protocol. The server uses this as its root directory using the -s option. Specify additional kernel parameters. Specify the directory where served files are located. Bitmask that specifies how verbose the Kdump process should be.

If the kernel package is added to any selection or to the individual package selection, installation will mostly fail because of conflicts. By default, the installation stops at the Installation Settings screen. Because Kdump runs in the initrd, a local mail server cannot send the notification e-mail.

If having specified more than one init script, you must set a unique documrntation for each script. Back in the SuSE Server Setup section we describe how to add your own customised packages to your install server. For example, when you need to reserve different segments of low documengation high documwntation, use values like 72M,low and M,high:. If this boolean is set to truea password dialog pops up instead of a simple text entry. Shuts down the machine after the first stage. Several scenarios for auto-installation are possible using different types of infrastructure and source media.


The Perl Purity Test: Choose the system components you want to include in the profile. A resource element either contains multiple and distinct property and resource elements, or multiple instances of the same resource element, or it is empty.

Financial Humor Bulletin, This option allows you to select specific partitions to delete. An additional entry would be needed for this in the AutoYaST control file add-on section.

Suse Doc: AutoYaST – Custom User Scripts

Autouast you do not select this option and the device that this Preboot bundle is applied to has been given a new hard drive to boot from, then a new ZENworks Control Center object is created according to your ZENworks Management Zone configuration for non-registered devices.

Which TCP services should be accessible from the zone.

Specify the name of a file containing the text to display when someone connects to the server.