Autolab PGSTATN. Autolab PGSTATN. This high end, high The PGSTATN is the succesor of the popular PGSTAT The maximum current is 2 A. PGSTATN PGSTATN. 1/2. Key features. Compatible modules. Read independent reviews on Autolab PGSTATN from Metrohm AG on SelectScience.

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The potential and current signals are measured as a function of time.

RE Standard cell cable, 1. The ECD module provides 2 additional current ranges of 1 nA and pA giving a minimum current resolution of 0.

New titration system for the modern laboratory: Using this module EQCM, one autola the ratio between the mass change of the surface of the electrode during an electrochemical reaction and the total charge involved. In fact, one of the pgtat302n important features of this tool electrochemical Autolab is modularity.

The other module that implements and completes the system is a module EQCM. Metrohm Ppgstat302n Register now! The compliance voltage of the system is 20 V in combination with the Booster20A. The pX module also works as an independent pH meter. The instrument can be further adapted to your needs by adding one or more of the modules available in a manner to increase the possibilities for application in various fields.



The Booster20A can be used to measure the charge and discharge characteristics of super-capacitors, perform measurements on fuel cells or perform DC or AC measurements on large area electrodes.

In addition the integrator is effective in reducing signal noise by averaging it out. The cell to perform measurement on can be selected either manually or automatically using the sequencing option of NOVA.

The EQCM module measures a mass change per unit area by recording the change in resonant frequency of a quartz crystal oscillator. How to integrate these assemblies is explained in the manual of autolba application. Entry-level titrator for coulometric water content: Multiplexer module MUX The MUX module series allows you to perform electrochemical experiments on multiple cells or multiple working electrodes, sequentially.

Autolab PGSTATN from Metrohm AG | SelectScience

The temperature measurement allows automatic pH corrections. In addition to the classical EIS, the NOVA software also allows the users to modulate other outside signals such as rotation speed of a rotating disk electrode or the frequency of a light source to perform Electro-hydrodynamic or Photo-modulated impedance spectroscopy. The lowest current range available on the standard Autolab is 10 nA. True linear scan generator module SCAN When the processes pgtsat302n very fast transient behavior, such as hydrogen adsorption, digital sweep can lead to loss of information regarding the pgxtat302n process.


Autolab PGSTAT302N MBA

Identify illicit drugs and explosives Identifying drugs and pgstat302h made safe, easy, and robust. Advanced VA systems with high-performance viva software for determining traces of heavy metals with polarography and voltammetry with high sensitivity. Browse our range of dedicated electrochemistry whitepapers and applications.

Go to Application Finder. Learn more about applied and theoretical electrochemistry! Tech specs Documents Included parts Opt. Find the suitable electrode for your application: The booster is able to handle active as well as passive cells. Istituto per lo Studio dei Aitolab Nanostrutturati: The pX allows the measurements of pH or pX values during electrochemical experiments.

Don’t take the sample to the lab – take the lab to the sample. In order to use the Autolab SDK from other applications, these applications must have the possibility to use. Metrohm Autolab offers two types of MUX modules.