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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

If the proposal is for a very different format to a multi-speaker panel, the proposer is strongly encouraged to contact the Programme Committee as far in advance as possible.

This means that images do not carry only one, alleged “correct” meaning, but can evoke multiple narrations and possess an inherent ambiguity.

Whitelyric poetry cf. Greek translations of the Quran CCB Syriac translations of the Quran CCS Latin translations of the Quran CCL Digital Humanities DH The workshop is focused on interdisciplinary research, which will, the organizers hope, encourage fruitful discussions about the state-of-the-art of the field and highlight potential areas for future research cooperation.

Gendering shaping environment Based on the assumption that different social groups interact with the environment in dissimilar ways, we will ask for the gender relevance of environmental behaviour in prehistoric and archaic societies.

Bravo, Indiana University Robert H. A as one pdf: Reparations Economic compensation Restorative justice Teaching and learning about slavery Relationship to the global racial hierarchy Abolitionism and law: The publication of a conference volume is planned.


Mommsen-Gesellschaft e.V.

In addition, it seeks to connect these experts and to facilitate the ausbildungsnachweks exchange between the multitude of studies previously conducted in this field. The conference languages are German and English. The Statement should briefly describe one or more words that you plan to investigate whether or not they have been published in the TLLwhy they are important for your research, and what auabildungsnachweis you hope to address during your stay.

Therefore, a strong interaction between gender identities, social diversity and transformation processes can also be expected for prehistoric and archaic societies. Beyond the passing of pipes the main focus of the meeting is exemplified by the following questions that can be asked or can be answered afresh:.

Abstract submission deadline is 31 October, How is the imitation of Theocritus made explicit? Motivationsschreiben im Umfang von einer Seite 2. It is an opportunity to share the resources here with a wider public, koh practical knowledge about using the TLL, and invite collaboration and discussion from different disciplinary perspectives.


In which respect s are letters narrative? Berlin Studies of the Ancient World”.

This tradition was renewed, when the Greek text of Theocritus was rediscovered and printed for the first time during the Renaissance. It is recommended to refer to a possible handicap in the application. The conference will deal with animal speech in Greek and Latin texts from the very beginnings to late antiquity, also taking into account other ancient literatures which show motivic parallels to these texts or continue to have an effect upon them.


We also welcome panels drawing on comparative and interdisciplinary studies.

Desert Snow Connection – Where Winter Happens!

Where and when can we find important shifts in how ancient people approached decision-making in terms of expediency, egoism, practicality, profit, tradition, culture, or honor? Thomas Mann — Berichterstatter: Vom Epigramm zum Epos: We welcome historians of these periods as well as scholars of other disciplines philologists, theologians, etc.

Leben — Werk — Wirkung. Do producers use different strategies to apply intentional ambiguities to descriptive and narrative images? The complete essay can be found here.

Regine Schulz Direktorin Dr. The classical tradition has long confined Antiquity to an immaculate, sanitized whiteness: Das Anmeldeformular finden Sie auf unserer Homepage: Explanation and justification of events ex post factoe. This essay falls into three parts. Please note that we are not in a position to provide funding to facilitate your participation.

Das angegebene Verfahren entspricht der von der Kommission vorgeschlagenen Rechtsgrundlage.