Browse A-Trend ATC Motherboard owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your product. Show content of zip %zip% from thread %a-trend ATC drivers% File manual cannot solve all your problems, please ask your dealer for help. ATC A-TREND ATREND Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, základní desky, Slot, Socket, information.

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But, this one appears to have the right stuff, i. If the auto-detected parameters displayed do not match the ones that should be used for your hard drive, do not accept them. Doze Monitor is blanked when the system enters any power saving mode.

The section on the bottom of the main menu explains how to control this screen. The choice 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, Power Saving Minimum power management.

Enabled Onboard Serial Port 2: Resume by Alarm When Enabled, two additional lines will be added to the screen: Please login or register. Overall, the function of ECC is to detect and correct the errors of transfer data. Both 4Mbx4 and 16Mbx4 Each side has manuao chips. Disabled No warning message will appear when anything attempts to access the boot sector or hard disk partition table.


A-Trend ATC Motherboard User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Whenever you plan on changing the system configurationyou can make a backup set. But as far as I can tell it’s the same motherboard. The time is calculated based on the hour military-time clock. atc6-220

Resume by Ring Enabled: Then cold boot mechanical power atd-6220 system to continue. No Resources Controlled by: The manual was no use at all sadly.

Swap Floppy Drive Ayc-6220 item allows you to determine whether to enable the swap floppy drive or not. Today, while keyboards still provide this support, it is more common and much faster for the system chipset to provide support for gate A It is often heard that the default setting on a mainboard is not what user expects. Typematic Delay Atx-6220 When the typematic rate is enabled, this section allows you to select the delay between when the key was first depressed and when the acceleration begins.

Celticlass Stats Total Posts: Read “Chapter 1 Introduction” in detail, and you will find helpful information on mainboard and system features. Or contact you dealer for further help if CPU temperature persists.


ATC A-TREND ATREND Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Video Shadow will increase the video speed. Any other info needed can be supplied via Everest or looking at the board. This function is able to reduce energy consumption and system noise. When this feature is “Enabled”, the Processor Serial Number is detectable and can be utilized in information Management etc. Disabled Throttle Duty Cycle: The atx-6220 board designer should set the values in this field, depending on the DRAM installed.

Boot the system to DOS mode in a normal manner. If you will be running such a program, we recommend that you first disable Virus Protection beforehand. Type ” md c: Thus you do not have to set the CPU voltage setting. For Mainboard and System Features: