This class is used to convert one or more JPEG files into a single PDF document. This is a lossless process: JPEG image data is rewritten directly into the output. I found that there is a JPegDecoder in the Atalasoft software. In order to convert the images, you need a similar function as the PDF converter. 32 results Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging is an SDK that offers high-speed document and image conversion, viewing and annotation on any device.

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To add searchable PDF generation to your applications, you will need the following products from Atalasoft:. Represents a single occurrence of an image on a PDF page. No user comments available for this article. This command converts a continuous RGB or grayscale image to a 1-bit black and white image, given a threshold value. DotImage has conbert been targeted to.

This command operates best on photographic images. No Related Articles Available. Does it have to be a scanned document?

Get Powerful Imaging Capabilities Without Licensing Hassles with Atalasoft

We have a book, a scanner like a mouse will be moved over book pages and scans data, an OCR detects words and converts them to text format, gives texts to a speech machine capable of converting text to speech. Service Virtualization brings expediency. With Ordered Dithering, the dithering matrix imxge fully replaceable and can be made to simulate custom halftone screens. If you are looking for an excellent document imaging toolkit – I highly recommend AtalaSoft.


Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. The PdfEncoder in DotImage does not allow us to save a single page to an existing PDF file, so we must have all the images ready when we save the file.

NET application, in which case you’ll also need to purchase a production server license. Sign up using Facebook.

Attached to this article is the resulting PDF and C 2. Virtualization for System Programmers. The adobe reader version is 8. Represents a collection of HolePunch objects. This class is currently empty and has been added for future extension.

Atalasoft Knowledge Base

Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. It is a core component of my document imaging and workflow solution. No Related Links Available. This article is in the Product Showcase section for our sponsors at CodeProject. Hi, I have a requirement to locate the boxes which contain text in images.

image conversion – Converting PDF/JPEG to TIFF using Atalasoft & C# – Stack Overflow

This is a lossless process: Defines an event that is used to process segment images. Is That My Car? The reference here is kept for archival purposes. First, we must create an ImageSource object to efficiently handle multi-page image files. Might as well get the word out and post a link here as it does exactly as you wish: Hi, i am testing the atalasoft component to convert tiff to searchable pdfi download the DotImage 6. For technical questions like these, it’s best that you talk with our support department.


Inspects an bi-tonal image to determine if the image is negated. There is a function that calls this, but that function sets the image to the WebImageViewer.

Apply morphological thinning to a 1-bit image. Contains information about a single image or file to be added to the PDF. Converts a grayscale or color image to black and white using one of the available Binarize methods.

What it is happening?

Bill Bither Oct 6: See a recent post in this thread for more information. How about a working demo app Jeff Circeo Dec 6: Sign up using Email and Password. Some years ago I was wondering about this, and I don’t know if it exists in advanced countries like US: Class Description AdaptiveThresholdCommand An ImageCommand used to convert a grayscale or color image into black and white using a weighted thresholding technique. The code below is the same as the code in the link:. For example, TextTranslator is available out of the box and generates a text stream.