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Can I find the phone number of the Italian person who is running the telescope that night, and see if the telescope will be available the following week? Comparison of – sizes – rotion periods – spins – of both planets. We saw craters on the Moon, at the best place on the terminator where the contrast between night and day is highest.

Total Lunar Eclipse – February 20, A timelapse of the total lunar eclipse on February 20th, He’s ready and waiting, still in his elegant gray suit and tie, fresh from his mutinational corporation day job. I make some phone calls.

We manage to pass that, and we exit safely to the Tuscolana Road which leads to our meeting point with Emilio. A debate between an Iraqi “Researcher adtronomski Astronomy” and a astrronomski on Iraqi television. This seems a little unfair considering the actual education requirements, the essential bit of the job that makes you an astronaut, is being willing to be tethered to a foot tall firework.

So you see, my students are touched by astronomy too.

I can scoot about beyond the stratosphere. So we wait a week. I think that anyone who is touched by astronomy is already a little bit ‘touched’.


One has a friend visiting from out of town, so he has to leave. Emilio assures the driver that there is just one sharp turn, the bus can make it. No problems with the weather, no problems with the telescope, the university could rent a van with a driver, most of the class raised their hands jumping at the chance to go.

It is already noon, too late to cancel the school bus. By the end of this, my field trip students number Misija Kepler – amimacije Video zapisi o misiji Kepler. I still harbor woefully misguided aspirations that I might one day be an astronaut. Obviously, this is never going to happen. Obavesti me o novim komentarima. Why didn’t he know the trip destination?

Astronomski magazin

Most little girls and boys who have been born in time for the Space Age have dreamed about becoming one; I know I have. He hops into his little green car, flips on the emergency blinkers, and proceeds to lead us to our telescopic destination. On the scheduled day of the field trip the weather was a disaster, and I mzgazin to make a decision.

I begin to gather up my students. Nova era na ISSu.

Astronomski magazin

We saw miniature Saturn with it’s rings wide open. I lose a few students who thought we were going to have a field trip, when, instead, I gave my lecture at the usual time. This is the official trailer for the IYA Atlantis Backflip Atlantis flips over to allow station crewmembers to photograph the orbiters heat shield.


I need to meet this guy. In fact the only reality of this assertion is the aliens. WorldWide Telescope Science educator Aetronomski Gould and Microsoft’s Curtis Wong give an astonishing sneak preview of Microsoft’s new WorldWide Telescope — a technology that combines feeds from satellites and telescopes all over the world and the astronomaki, and weaves them together holistically to build a comprehensive view of our universe.

I hope you enjoy it! And how can I have a conversation in Italian with my poor language speaking skills? During that hour, the most frequent words I heard from the students were: Recorded with still images.

Total Lunar Eclipse – February 20, Soon after sunset on Wednesday evening, February 20, skywatchers can watch the rising full Moon undergoing a total eclipse. Misija Kepler – amimacije. Another student can’t make it because relatives are in town We saw Mizar and the double stars in the handle of the Big Dipper. Entry Descent and Landing Developed in the summer ofthis animation visulaizes launch in August and entry, descent, and landing of the Phoenix Mars Mission in May If you can do anything to demonstrate with real life examples how cool the world is around you to someone else, I say: