Common Name(s): Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo. Scientific Name: Astronium spp. (A. graveolens and A. fraxinifolium). Distribution: From Mexico southward. Astronium graveolens. Family: Anacardiaceae. click to print or download the file format. Goncalo Alves. Other Common Names: Palo de cera, Palo de. Astronium graviolens is a tropical to sub-tropically occurring species of flowering tree, occurring from the Yucatan region of Mexico southward through Central.

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MIC was determined in the range of 0. When fresh, the heartwood of Astronium graveolens is reddish-brown or orange-brown with variable width stripes of medium to dark brown.

Substitute Species Dalbergia spp. It was very easy to work, sand, and finish.

Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits. Vivien Hall February 10, at 6: Resistance To Impregnation It is reported to be extremely resistant to preservative treatment. The inhibitory activity of A.


Finishing No grain filling is required to obtain a smooth finish. Views Read Edit View history. Performance standards for antimicrobial susceptibility testing; Twentieth Informational supplement.

It turns a very nice pen as well.

Gonçalo-Alvez, Jobillo (Astronium graveolens) | ITTO

From the 32 Anacardiaceae genera 82 species are known to cause contact dermatitis because of the presence of phenolic compounds Aguilar and Sosa, Furniture, Common 23 – Handbook of Hardwoods. Brendan McCormick February 18, at 9: This species is reported to present narrow buttresses of.

Heavy Packing 47 – Arvores Brasileiras. Sanding The wood is reported to be generally easy to sand. The essential oils of few Astronium species have been studied. Their main components are: May 28, at The essential oil composition of A. Vessels per mm2 10 to 20 abundant. We supply Tigerwood from Panama in round logs info panatrees. It is a really beautiful wood with a nice chatoyance to it! From Mexico southward to Brazil Tree Size: Vessels solitary and in short radial multiples.


CrustyCurmudgeon May 27, at 7: These are beautiful grips!

Astronium graveolens Images

The timber becomes darker after exposure to the air and the stripes become nearly black. Widely available in a variety of widths and lengths as both lumber and veneer, astronim well as graveolenw craft blanks. This is the first piece of goncalvo alves I have had the pleasure of turning. Frames 16 – Woods of the World. Heartwood is typically a medium reddish brown with irregularly spaced streaks of dark brown to black.

Tools reinforced with carbide-tipped blades and cutters are recommended. Polishing The wood can be polished and finished very easily. Flavour and Fragrance Journal Grain can be straight, but is usually wavy or interlocked.