Thank you for visiting the Advanced Plating Technologies Specification Database . Below is a technical summary of specification ASTM B from ASTM for. Our gold plating services comply with different categories of specifications, such as MIL-G, ASTM B, and AMS Gold plating compliant to. Accurate Precision Plating has 50 years experience performing gold plating services under the ASTM B certification & standard. Call today!.

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Gold Plating – ASTM B, AMS , MIL-G | Accurate Precision Plating

Best practice calls for a minimum of three dragout rinses qstm one running rinse with dwell times of 40 s in each station when rack plating and 80 s when barrel plating. With over 50 years of combined experience, our staff has the knowledge to finish your metal part to your exact specifications and to the tightest tolerances.

The test must yield a numerical value and certain statistical requirements must be met. Gold-plated parts exhibit excellent wear resistance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high conductivity, solder-ability and excellent performance at high temperatures.

Some typical uses of gold coatings are enumerated below, but the list is not complete and is intended for general guidance only. If the basis metal is scratched or rough, it may be necessary to level the surface by processes such as electropolishing, chemical polishing, or the application of a self-leveling nickel or copper undercoating before gold electroplating.


B — 11 Standard Speci?

The thickness of the underplating should be consistent with end-use requirements see 6. To prepare equilibrated water,? The thickness of an underplating is usually greater than 1?

The cross-sectioning and ashm methods measure the geometrical thickness of the gold present. Coatings with purities of Nickel underplatings are also adtm for other reasons see Appendix X6. Since many gold coatings have a density lower than the theoretical density of gold The purchaser and supplier may agree on the plan or plans to be used. They must be smooth and as free of scratches, gouges, nicks, and similar imperfections as possible.

The tolerable amount of porosity in the coating depends on the severity of the environment that the article is likely to encounter during service or storage.

ASTM B-488

Our extensive quality control measures throughout production include non-destructive testing in accordance with ASTM B to measure the thickness of the coating. The inspection lot is then classi? Individual metal impurities shall not be present in a quantity greater than 0. All our processes are certified to ISO Such acceptance or pass-fail criteria, if required, shall be part of the product speci? To convert mass of gold per unit area that is present over the measured area to a geometrical thickness, it is necessary to use standards having a density identical to that of the coatings to be measured, or to multiply the reading obtained by factor, f.


Coatings shall be classified into types, which characterize minimum purity, and codes, which designate Knoop hardness. Last previous edition approved in as B — 01 e Initial scanning should be carried out for all elements in order to detect any unknown or unexpected metallic impurities. The sampling plan used for the inspection of the quality of the coated articles shall be as agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.

Type II coatings may contain metallic hardening agents, such as nickel, cobalt or iron, which may be present in amounts greater than 0.

The astk thickness on signi? Warning—Do not store activated carbon in areas in which vapors from solvents and other chemicals may contaminate the carbon.

Copper, zinc, cadmium from racking materials, bus bars, etc. Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. Any such defects on signi? B488 pickling of high strength steels shall be avoided. Coatings shall be sampled, tested and conform to specified requirements as to purity, hardness, appearance, thickness, mass per unit area, ductility, adhesion assessed by either bend, heat, or cutting testand integrity including gross defects, mechanical damage, and porosity.