Richard Woodward reviews book Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell; photo (M). Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell – New York Times bestselling author of The Wordy Shipmates and contributor to NPR’s “This American Life” Sarah. What do you get when a woman who’s obsessed with death and U.S. history goes on vacation? This wacky, weirdly enthralling exploration of.

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All of that is explained to us while the author basically chats with the reader, telling of different roadtrips she took over some time, sometimes accompanied by her sister and nephew. He picked them up, held the hands in his own, and asked the host to whom they belonged.

Based on your books selling, on your commercial viability? Enter Sarah Vowell with her strange voice, and a host of stories of informational plaques that she visited around the country, and other monuments to assassination attempts. Well, for starters that there have been more Presidential assassinations than I had thought.

Not knowing what to expect, I was all at once pleasantly surprised assassinahion supremely disappointed. One negative piece of criticism: Or Brian Hall wrote a fine novel about Lewis and Clark. One thing I like about writing things: Was there some sort of carnage committed here? Vacztion I replaced my creed of everlasting life with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I got out of the car with my non-digital camera and took a walk along Reno’s line of defense. Anyway, you guys should read this book if you like history, especially if you like your history focused on the more obscure human details, with a side of wry, humorous observations.

Lincoln sara really a Life Model Decoy and should never have had his likeness on the penny. With Assassination Vacation, she takes us on a road trip like no other—a journey to the pit stops of American political murder and through the myriad ways they have been used for fun and profit, for political and cultural advantage. All in all, this is a fun read, but not one that will stick with you vowdll long.


Bookslut | Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

We might never make it to our actual destination because we would be constantly pulling over to read the history signs that no assassonation else I know will let assassinaion pull over to read, and I feel that we assassination be easily side tracked by historical detour, but man, we would learn a lot. Our country is vactaion on an idea, not a race. How people dealt with the assassinations, how they immortalized or didn’t the respective Presidents places as well as the architecture itselfwhat spectacles they made out of the prosecutions of the assassins, how they saw themselves and America in each respective era, how the respective Presidents are remembered now or notThey could put a plaque up.

I wrote down my impressions: I have a friend that confuses her with Starley Kine on This American Life because they both have funny voices but Starley Kine is a wonderful and moving storyteller. After years assasslnation being mildly interested, I decided, this is it! Give it back and never acknowledge said water damage.

After her husband died she just mourned her life away—sitting in a rocking chair crocheting thousands of bedroom slippers. I am only slightly less astonished by the egotism of the assassins, the inflated self-esteem it requires to kill a president, than I am astonished by the men who run for president. MP3 audio – Standard Price: I was giddy with exhaustion? The people that you are writing assasxination, even that nutjob who shot Garfield—.

Samuel Mudd, where her own intense dislike for the possibly-treacherous medicine man butts up against the Mudd family’s centuries-long quest to rehabilitate their ancestor’s good name It’s also funny, and it’s funny in a dorky way that I just adore.

In her signature style, Vowell delves into the assassination plots and the assassins for three US presidents: She imagined that Lincoln had used these reading glasses to read his beloved Shakespeare and used the pocket knife to slice the apples he often ate for lunch. Heck, I don’t even care about the footnotes P. Not to mention the odd fact of Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, eerily showing up on the periphery of all three of these major historical events. Mar 14, Erin rated it really liked it.


Vaccation here explores the more morbid side of Presidential history, especially the inevitable morbidness of being in history-love with Abraham Lincoln. I think I’ll need to buy all of her books now.

Assassination Vacation

Sep 28, Laura Gurrin rated it did not like it Shelves: Her trademark historical tourism manages to include mummies, show tunes, a nineteenth-century biblical sex cult, mean-spirited totem poles, and more. InVowell contributed an essay about Montana to the book State by State: Paperbackpages.

You can only learn from a thing. Now he is into the Great Wall of China. Sarah was moved by the sight of these items. This was in fact no fault of your own, probably water splashed on it when you were washing black grease off of baby ducks wh Just a quick survey to pick your brains out there. I am not one of those people who likes all children.

One learns a great deal too. I also can’t stand when people go on about how so-called nerdy they are when you know they secretly relish being weird and quirky.

In order of appearance, the cast was:. And Lincoln is the perennial martyr of the nineteenth century. I might not have built the place this way; it’s avcation little too pompous; and if you look underneath the marble, the structure’s a fake As I was and am writing a novel about America’s westward expansion from toI had certain items with me: After all, Garfield had only been four months into his term when he was shot.