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Sep 03, Maanasa rated it really liked it Shelves: But just five short years later, again at the behest of avid fans and pushy publishers, Asimov picked up the series once more, this time in the form of a prequel. Look, Asimov was a brilliant man. The idea beyond this is that if you have perfect knowledge of the Universe,then you can extrapolate it’s state in the future, basically, he is saying that this psychohistory is a tool that can be used to “see” the future.

They rarely gave straight answers, always with some other angle they were playing, but by god, you could hear that talking in your head like the characters were in the room with you. His leaps of thought might have all been plucked From Air, for all he tells us.

Return to Book Page. Asimov was a long-time member and Vice President of Mensa International, albeit reluctantly; he described some members of that organization as “brain-proud and aggressive about their IQs” He took more joy in being president of the American Humanist Association. More problematic is the lackluster execution of the reveal. If you are considering reading this classic sci-fi series I personally recommend reading them in publication order rather than chronological order.

In the original trilogy Seldon is a very wise old man, here for the first time we meet the legendary man in his thirties. Brilliant for someone who loves the genre – and I most certainly am in love with science fiction, it sparks the imagination in a completely different way than any other literary endeavour.

He has works published in nine o Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books.

On the other hand, in the 80s Asimov was more interested in developing characters. With the mind control mechanic, one can never be sure.

It seems that the main idea of Prelude to Foundation is to take a closer look at psychohistory. D Prelude to Foundation is a very philosophical action packed epic adventure that will really have you page turning and losing sleep to find out what happens in what is a whistle stop tour of adventure and discovery and with humour a sarcasm thrown in all over the place! I imagine that somebody who’s read Foundation would have a totally different reaction. The mind-bogglingly large, galaxy spanning empire he created for the Foundation series was the prototype for all of the vast galactic civilizations that came after.


That aside, this is not one of my favorite Asimov books. It cuts knowledge at a million points and leaves it bleeding. I found that the flight of Hari Seldon was both exciting and full of intrigue.

I find it impossible to believe that there would be such unreasoning feeling against harmless people.

If Hari Seldon is in a bind and needs to find a way out of it, the very next person he’ll meet is the precise one he needs to meet at that time. Hari Seldon is the genius mathematicians who developed psychohistory which he uses to guide the destiny of the entire human race scattered across the galaxy. If something so complicated and so important is to be developed by someone so brilliant, I wanted to see the work — the sweat, the long hours poured into research and calculations over burning candle at midnight in the Mycogen sector, askmov I wanted to see the pieces of this powerful science falling into place with some greater tightly-wrought logic.

May 13, Fan De Bauer rated it really liked it Shelves: D and then things take off from there when he is rescued by the character of Chetter Hummin who immediately hits the suspicious instincts of any reader but who along with Harry fights off a apparently attempted kidnapping that results in one of the book funny lines ‘I am a Mathematician! Seldon’s stint at asimv university is askmov, as he is unable to escape the feeling that his every move is being watched by the Emperor and his minions.

Still, this book gives psychohistory more of a background and I dig it. There’s nothing to be found here. Prelude to Foundation reads like it was written by a somewhat over-intelligent twelve-year-old who then handed it off to a university professor with absolutely no sense of humour to do final edits. The sensational idea of – theoretically – being able to predict history using mathematics brings him to the attention of Cleon I, the Galactic Emperor and his formidable henchman Eto Demerzel.

One point raised by Dors is the implications of reducing human behavior to mathematical laws.

I did the unthinkable when it comes to reading the Foundation series and started with Prelude I recently also finished Forward the Foundation and have started reading Foundation. Forward the Foundation next!


Preludio a la Fundacion / Prelude to Foundation

In “Foundation,” which is really more prelkdio shorts collection than a novel despite the fact preeludio the stories do flow very well together, Hari Seldon is already an old man. Asimov notes in the introduction that unification was not what he had in mind when these stories were conceived, and devoted greater effort to the task later in his career. I found the book to be fast-paced and easy to read. I had the same issue with Jessica Jonesalas.

Prelude to Foundation Quotes by Isaac Asimov

I loved the hugeness of the imagination at work here. I loved the dynamics and the different cultures exploration.

With age comes wisdom.

Within each sector, economic and social classes are encouraged to wage a kind of war with each other. Following a close encounter in which Seldon’s reckless askmov nearly get him killed, Hummin relocates Seldon and Dors to Mycogen Sector, an underground society on Trantor proper that is believed to possess some of the oldest records in the Galaxy.

Yet no one knows what he looks like, or that Hummin and Demerzel are the same person? Yet Cleon knows there are those who would see him fall—those whom he would destroy preludik only he could read the future. Indeed, it seems he is now the most important person in all of the Galaxy, with the powers that be all wishing to profit from a mature psychohistory.

D Prelude to Foundation is a very intelligent book which seek to cover bases in it we see it being tied into the existing Robots series as well as the other Foundation ones and this allows us to get to see the reappearance of certain other famous characters as well making them key figures in what is to come in books that are set after this!

D Brilliant and highly recommended! The original trilogy, then the two that followed it.

As thoroughly patriarchal as it is puritanical, Mycogen is a world in which the subservience of women has been raised to an organizing principle. So in a way it is good that I read this Foundation book first because things will get even better!