Read Asa-di-Var in Original Gurmukhi, English transliteration and English format; 2 Structure and meaning; 3 The message of Asa ki Vaar. Explore, Learn, Relish Asa Ki Vaar with audio at Asa Di Var – – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read asa di vaar . vwr slokw nwil slok BI mhly pihly ky ilKy tuMfy As rwjY kI DunI ].

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In age after age they change; the spiritually wise understand this. Accepting bread from the Muslim rulers, they still worship the Puraanas. This means that mostly people do not sing the vaar of Raag Asa in the specified raag nor use the melody, or dhunni, by the Guru. The deeds and the ode of this king was sung by the bards in that typical fashion which then was extremely popular and melodious and was therefore adopted to performing Asa Di Var. With your mouth you utter falsehood, and you adorn yourself with precious decorations; t araipaal t ihaal bichaara N.

They beat the drums for the sake of bread. Then, he goes to the Court of the Lord, wearing robes of honor. In ego they lose social status and class. Hundreds of thousands of virtues and good actions, and hundreds of thousands of blessed charities.

How wonderful to behold the Lord, ever-present here. The sacred marks are on their foreheads, and the saffron loin-cloths are around their waists; hath chh uree jaga t kaasaa-ee. This memory is no doubt one of my dearest and most valuable. Beholding His wonders, I am wonder-struck. Into some, milk is poured, while others remain on the fire.


He becomes free of hope and fear, and burns away his ego with the Word of the Shabad. One who goes barefoot ap n aa kee-aa kamaa n aa. By His Power wind, water and fire exist; by His Power earth and dust exist.

Such a sacred thread is worn in the Court of the Lord; it shall never break. Hearing the Name, the mind is enraptured; then, he attains the gate of salvation. Vsar their homes, the Brahmins sound the conch. In the Fear of God, multitudes come and go. Notify me of new comments via email. Qsa who are imbued with Your Name win, while the cheaters lose.

Asa di Var – Wikipedia

Great is His greatness, as True is His justice. Greed and sin are the king and prime minister; falsehood is the treasurer. Even if he does something right, he does the du thing wrong. In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise. They eat the meat of the goats, killed ci the Muslim prayers are read over them.

Chanting the Name, sins depart; naanak t a-o mo kh an t ar paahi. They throw themselves upon the ground. From her, kings are born. As my eyes asaa to search for the source of girmukhi enchanting music, through the gate I caught sight of a group of people sitting, singing and swaying to the music that they played. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Men, trees, sacred shrines of pilgrimage, banks of sacred rivers, clouds, fields, d eepaa N lo-aa N mandlaa N kh andaa N var bh andaa N h.

It took me a while to come to my senses and then I realised that what they were singing was the vaar of Raag Asa. Harpreet Singh Gill says: There, only the Truth is judged true; the sinners are picked out and separated.


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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So why call her bad? The description of the greatness of the Great Lord cannot be described.

The people took Asraj along with them, pushing the trolley at the front of the group. Wonderful is the wilderness, wonderful gurmuki the path. Hundreds of thousands and millions call You True. They bathe at sacred shrines of pilgrimage, making offerings of flowers, and burning incense before idols.

Some, You unite with Yourself, and some, You lead astray. When I was 12 years old, one evening after school had finished for the day I had been to visit my Gurmukhi teacher, Kanwar Imtiaz.

Those who wield the knife wear the sacred thread around their necks. O Nanak, the thread would not break, if it had any real strength. Evil actions become publicly known; O Nanak, the True Lord sees everything. The accounts of the educated and the illiterate shall be judged in the world hereafter. girmukhi

O Nanak, he alone is known as Gurmukh, unto whom the Lord reveals Gjrmukhi. These Sloks are tied together in a way that they relate to the same theme as highlighted in the pauri.

This is the nature of ego, that people perform their actions in ego. What sort of gift is this, which we receive only by our own asking?