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Most of the examples sounded like conversations with teenagers, and yet their is another book titled “The Five Love Languages of Teenagers”.

Certainly there is a lot I still need to discover about my children but like the original Love Languages book, this gives me some words to talk about it. This book really shows how to translate your love in the way that children will understand.

The theory is that there are 5 love languages and by figuring out your child’s primary love language, you can figure out how they best perceive and feel love.

This book helps parents understand their chpaman and offers sage advice on how to nurture them in love. My other big hang up was that the book began by saying that it’s hard to determine the love language of children 5 and under. Then try words of affirmation and observe.

As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças by Gary Chapman

The fact that ddo you use their love language against them, it can be traumatizing. Like always, I will take some advice and leave some advice, but what I will “leave” will be little! When their language is physical touch and you spank them, it’s devastating.

Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences.

Millions of readers credit t Married more than 45 years to Karolyn, Dr. The authors expound on their theory that there are five different ways that people express and experience love: Maybe there are 5 more love languages out there we have not discovered yet Kids whose love tanks are full learn better, are disciplined more easily, and manage anger more appropriately.


I asked my own children ages what their preferences are and none of them knew that they had a singular, specific preference, except for Angelo.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor

This is so obvious in that he is always touching, always wrestling, and always in your personal space and now that I realize it he’s also always asking if everything is ok, did he do this ok, am I all right and he is so happy after receiving positive words of affirmation from myself and my husband.

Angelo would like more presents.

I thought it was the most helpful “parenting” book I’ve read yet. I have to admit, I didn’t even finish this book I did read almost all of it though. I wish the publisher had clarified the appropriate age range of the book in its list description. Most of the explanations from this “5 Love Languages” book were more instructive to me than the examples from Gary Chapman’s main book in cjapman vein, The Five Love Languages: I am really torn over what I thought of this book.

You could almost use this as a pre-counseling book, if needed. Now there’s a book I can get behind, getting you husband and children to clean up after themselves.

She needs to feel loved and unconditionally and on amr levels. I’m Karen, a girl with lots of personality quirks, one of which is that I dislike pop psychology books that tell me I and everyone else fits into one of their created, ficticious descriptions. Goodreads helps you chapjan track of books you want to read. There are some real problems with this book. Love was a complicated and fraught thing in my home growing up, which has led me to be overly-concerned and ready to consume the books offered at the library in hopes of not missing out.


It was also a great refresher for me since I read the original 5 Love Languages book back in college. It was good food for t This was fine. I want my husband to read it too. Then try word I’ve read the original 5 Love Languages and so this one was sort of a waste of my time. Most With any book that’s designed to help parents be better parents for their kids, it’s easy to fall into the trap of defining the success of the book by whether its advice was successful in the reader’s family.

All of this being said I still put the book on CD on hold at the library for my brother because I think it would be beneficial for him xhapman his 9 and 11 year-old and possibly the 7 year old too. Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch, can move you worlds closer to getting along with someone, it doesn’t necessarily always bridge the gap of personality comprehension. Signed, Tell don’t Show Receiving love in YOUR language fills your love tank.

My oldest daughter seems to have a primary love language of Quality Time and loves it when you spend time with her. The potential for making them better is always present.

Chapjan is another one of those books that could have been covered in a nice article rather than a lengthy book and the elaborations seemed to treat the reader as if no interpretation abilities were present.