The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec Uniform Title, Die Christusmythe. English. Title, The Christ Myth. Language. This is Klaus Schilling’s summary in English of Arthur Drews’ article “Die A. Drews: Christusmythe zweiter Teil: Die Zeugnisse für die Geschichtlichkeit Jesu. Okt. In , the philosopher Arthur Drews unleashed a brief but furious debate when he published Die Christusmythe, in which he denied the.

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With the spread of the Internet, the old theological controversy that was raging years ago has percolated down to the public forum and known a recrudescence, [77] with a “upsurge” of the non-existence thesis. This view had been already advanced by Schweitzer himself in his review of historical criticism in Germany with his book The Quest of vrews Historical Jesus The Pauline Christusmytne is a metaphysical principleand his incarnation only one in ideaan imaginary element of his religious system.

Protestants would have set their salvific hopes on a book of fairy tales and oriental myths.

The whole consistency of the Gospels artthur their mythical origin. However, he saw religion as an expression of the unconscious World-Spirit anchored in a community tightly rooted on an ancestral territory.

He dismantled first John’s gospel, unveiling it as sophistry in philonic slant, representing a step in the evolution of the self-esteem of early Christian community, but not a history of Jesus.

Occasionally the suppressed deities emerged, especially under the influence of the Hellenic and Roman culture.

The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The new group’s political objectives dreams of becoming a state religion clashed with the basic program of the Free Religion Societies, which were pursuing more limited interests of freer drfws.


Reventlow’s cultural but not racial antisemitism led him to accept an alliance with Hauer in organizing a conference in July that would create another entity, the German Faith Movement. Even when “[t]hese letters, [are] swarming with dogmatic discussions of the most subtle character”, remarks Drews.

Drews] drwes the originality of the sayings attributed to Jesus, and considers them tainted with other-worldliness The prophet deals with the Servant of Jahvehwho voluntarily submits to suffering in order to expiate the sin and guilt of the people.

The consequences are generally underestimated. He was born in UetersenHolsteinin present-day Germany. Laruewhich sees the Christ Myth essentially based on “an argument from silence”.

In his view the human mind is not separate from this unconscious reality, but exists as it approaches self-consciousness Selbstbewusstseinespecially in the opinion of the philosophical community. Mark’s gospel is of astral magical, Gnostic origin from the middle of christusmtyhe second century Bahrdt built on Reimarus and wrote a fantastic romance based on above conspiracy theory. The preface of this classic book states: Raschke published his great book about Mark’s gospel.

Among the many reservations about the German Faith Movement, one reason for abandoning it was what Drews and others perceived as blatant antisemitism. Cyprus must have been a centre of the cult, Jerusalem just secondarily pretended to be the origin. Christudmythe was opposed to the theology of ancient Hebraism as much as he is opposed to Christianityand sie more opposed to liberal Protestantism.

Also the synoptics are gradually dismantled of their historical value.

Die Christusmythe (German Edition): Arthur Drews: : Books

Eine Antwort an seine “positiven” und seine radikalen Gegner mit bes. Rabbinic Jews polemicized against the adoration of a man as son of God, and thus rejected the Christian messiah representation.


After their deconstruction the only thing that remains is Paulinic propaganda plus a shadowy crucified Messiah. Smith and Drews — and the authenticity of Paul’s epistles and Paul’s historicity as well. Rational theologians at that time concentrated on pointing out the ethical standards of Jesus and his teachings, rationalizing all miraculous elements to avoid the ridicule of enlightened minds. Jesus has to be phenomenologically defined, before his existence can be denied.

They invented the symbolic story about the Christ’s death under Pilatus.

Die Christusmythe

Many more similar books are in the works by academic and independent scholars, all capitalizing on the new wave of interest — a vogue similar to that of a years ago. He asserted that true religion could not be reduced to a cult of personalityeven if based on the worship of the “unique and great personality” of a historical Jesusas claimed by Protestant liberal theologianswhich he argued was nothing more than the adaptation of the Great Man Theory of history promoted by Romanticism of the 19th century.

The Gospel is nothing but a poetic retelling of the astral mythical journey of the sun god, dressed in Tanakh dfews. Most of the publications are critical and negative.