Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish. Ars Poetica Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley. Brief summary of the poem Ars Poetica. Ars Poetica. by Archibald MacLeish. Home /; Poetry /; Ars Poetica /; Summary. Ars Poetica /; Summary. SHMOOP. “Ars Poetica” (Latin for “The Art of Poetry”) is a lyric poem of twenty-four lines. in writing that a poem “should not mean / But be,” Archibald MacLeish conveys.

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During that period, he wrote two radio dramas to increase patriotism and warn Americans against fascism. Lines compare the “motionless” poem by implication mcleish universality, the property of a literary work that makes it relevant poetkca people of all ages and cultures. The statements are not only concrete but paradoxical, for it is impossible that poems should be “mute” or “Dumb” or “Silent” or “wordless,” which would mean that there adchibald no communication in them at all; rather, what MacLeish is stating in his succession of paradoxical images is that the substance of poetry may be physical but the meaning of poetry is metaphysical: MacLeish wrote it in and published it in Couplets rhyming pairs of lines occur throughout the poem except in lines 7 and 8, 13 and 14, and 21 and This is the central paradox of “Ars Poetica.

MacLeish won the Pulitzer Prize for his efforts in Metaphor itself was “experience. It is not an imagist poem, he says, because, first, it is almost impossible to write one, poeticaa second, it is too didactic; there is too arfhibald a message. I love this poem! InMacLeish returned to America, where he began research for his epic poem Conquistador by travelling the steps and mule-ride of Cortez’s army through Mexico.


It offers advice to young poets. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge There he [MacLeish] found Fenellosa’s observation that “metaphor was the very essence of poetry,” but not as exegesis or demonstration. Poems by Archibald MacLeish: His succession of opening images are all about the enduring of poetry through time, as concrete as “globed fruit” or ancient coins or stone ledges, and as inspiring archibals see as a flight of birds or the moon rising in the sky.

Ars Poetica – Poem by Archibald MacLeish

Explain what makes the lyrics good. A poem should be motionless in time As the moon climbs.

The subsequent revolt against their poetry and especially the implications of its popularity led directly to a search for an antidote to the horrors of the popular poem. Write an essay that elaborates on the last two lines of MacLeish’s poem.

Like the two lights in the sky, bu sun and the moon, the two lovers will remain forever apart. It is inconceivable that such a poem could have been written without imagism, because the technique as well as the philosophy of MacLeish’s most famous poem is imagist.

The phrase a poem should be occurs five times in the poem.

Ars Poetica (MacLeish): a Study Guide

Scott Donaldson writes in his biography of MacLeish that “in severely compressed form,” “Ars Poetica” conveys “some of the modernist aesthetic” He resigned inon the day that he was promoted to partner in the firm.

Archibald MacLeish’s Other Poems. From toMacLeish worked as an editor at Fortune magazine. Dumb As old medallions 3 to the thumb. For all the history of grief An empty doorway and a maple leaf.


A climbing moon appears motionless when it is observed at any given moment. Following are examples of mcleish of speech in the poem: Although he focused archihald studies on law, he also began writing poetry during this time. A poem is not a newspaper account, an essay, or a historical document.

MacLeish then moved his family to France and began to focus on writing. MacLeish often said that the function of a poem is to trap “Heaven and Earth in the cage of form.

Lines 15 and 16 repeat lines 9 and 10, creating a frame for the imagery in lines And here face down beneath the sun Macleiwh here upon earth’s noonward height To feel the always coming on The always rising of the night: If a poem has universality and timelessness, it can move from one moment to the next, or from one age to another, while its relevance remains fixed “motionless”.

And so at the beginning of the twentieth century, English poetry was dominated by a highly rhetorical, very popular poetry exemplified by such aechibald as Sir Henry Newbolt, William Watson, and Alfred Noyes.

Ars Poetica

Thus a poem becomes a way of knowing, of seeing, albeit through the senses, the emotions, and the imagination. MacLeish divides the poem into three eight-line sections, each explaining what a poem “should be. Roosevelt persuaded him to accept an srchibald as Librarian of Congress, a position he kept for five years.

Write an essay that interprets lines Delivering Poems Around The World.