stabilità, salvo episodi di nubi e nevischio sulle Dolomiti domenica e mercoledì, vento forte in montagna specie a inizio e fine periodo, diradamento delle nebbie. ARPA DOLOMITI. Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: for the one who desires to know that a long time. What do people find to be the best weather forecast websites for the area? ARPA met office is based in Arabba, right in the middle of the Dolomites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a.

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Parameterization of a numerical 2-d debris flow model with entrainment: Excess rainfall is conveyed to the channel network along the steepest direction, with a constant value of runoff velocity Uthat varies with the terrain typology. In addition three more conditions descending from the debris flow physics are imposed.

Semi-quantitative method for the assessment of debris supply from slopes to river in ungauged catchments. This topic has been archived, and won’t accept reply postings. The result of field surveys and analysis of this map showed the main features of the occurred phenomenon. These results were used for identifying the watersheds where modeling runoff and solid-liquid hydrographs as well the debris flow routing. Runoff hydrographs were, then, modeled by the rainfall-runoff model proposed by Gregoretti et al.

The solid discharge, in fact, decreases to negligible values, typical of bed load sediment transport. These phenomena, increased in number due to the climate change, are among the most dangerous natural hazards for human settlements in the Boite Valley since the last two centuries.

About deposition, the large deposits at the confluence were not satisfactory reproduced due to missed local bed reproduction of the terrain in the pre-event DEM. The five samples of material have a composition ranging in the following intervals for each type of soil: Finally, the authors wish to thanks the reviewers for their criticisms and suggestions that helped to improve significantly the manuscript. Upper image a is the map of estimated deposition and erosion for the reaches I-III, while the image below b is that simulated.


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Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: The comparison between the simulated and estimated deposition-erosion pattern resulted satisfactory. A geomorphological analysis was initially carried out after surveying the whole basin.

All the areas that provided solid-liquid or liquid flows were identified with the corresponding watersheds. The solid-liquid volume is given by the sum of the solid volume with the volumes of runoff contributing to debris flow and of the interstitial water of the entrained sediments as also proposed by Gregoretti et al.

Reliable models results were allowed by trustworthy rainfall estimates that provided the input to the hydrological model and by topographical data that provided the base for running and testing them. Reliability of models is very important because a trustworthy prediction of debris flow routing discharge hydrograph, deposition and erosion depths as the inundated area is essential in any analysis of hazard assessment and countermeasures planning.

Both the historical basins where debris flows formed until ’50s and the new one of Ru Salvela are debris flow dominated according to the geomorphic indexes: The hydrological modeling provides runoff hydrographs that directly contributed to the phenomenon or entrained the debris material forming the solid-liquid hydrographs of the initial surges.

Volomiti reach I that of Ru Salvela creekthe simulated eroded sediment volume quasi coincides with that estimated but it is more concentrated in the upstream part of Ru Salvela. These values together those of the morphometric characteristics of the basins are shown in Table 2. Accuracy assessment of digital elevation models by means of robust statistical methods.

The core of the precipitation that caused the larger quantity of runoff lasted 20 min and ranged in a The “Arrow of the sky” it is the imposing funivia that reaches the arpva of the Tofana Mezzo to quota meters. The deposition and erosion depths are grouped into classes of 2 m size, about twenty and five times larger the average and maximum error that dolokiti photogrammetric points respectively.

According to Mattea et al.

Summary weather bulletin for Dolomites

In Figures 3a4 the debris thick layer covering the Ru Salvela and Ru Secco Creeks aboutm 3 according to the computations of section 3.

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The in general dollmiti reproduction of the phenomenon by models proved the reliability of both the used methodology and single models. Finally, present work of back analysis of the phenomenon is also important, because it provides the framework and data needed for testing other models.

Ru Secco Creek was not routed by debris flows since late 50s after works for transforming its right side generally affected by debris flows, into a ski resort area.


Only the deposition depths upstream the culvert slightly overstimate those observed because of the missed deposition at the confluence of Ru Arpab Creek with Ru Secco Creek, and zrpav areas subjected to erosion in the ending reach are missed. To the peer of the voice, particularly a tool has developed analogous functions: Arabba In the heart of the Dolomites, among the Footstep Pordoi and the Campolongo, offer afoot unforgettable vacations absorbed in the green of the mountains, walks and excursions and in mountain bike.

In Figure 2 it can be also observed a small debris flow channel joining the Ru Secco on its right side. The solid-liquid discharge reaches its maximum after the confluence and then it begins to decrease.

The main rule is to always try to start early as neteo can and try to be done by early afternoon and on the way to a hut, especially from mid July through to the end of August. The routing to the channel network occurs with constant velocity while that along the channel network to the outlet is ruled by means of a matched-diffusivity kinematic wave model.

At this purpose, the capability of the routing model to adequately simulate the entrainment process has a crucial role because the solid-liquid discharge peak and the transported sediments volume mainly depend on it.