José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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It triumphed by opposing the enchantment of the youth within them — embalsamed, as it were, by the libation of a new wine — to the severity of the Stoics and the decrepitude of the people of the Roman world.

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This rapid growth exposes our future to the dangers of a democratic degeneration which smothers under the blind force of the mass all idea of quality, deprives the social conscious- ness of all just notion of order, and, yield- ing its class organization to the rough hands of chance, causes the triumph of only the most ignoble, unjustifiable su- premacies.

He is the eponymous hero in the epopee of man, the immortal protagonist, since first his ARIEL presence inspired the feeble struggles of uose in primitive man, when he first knitted his brow in the effort to shape the flint, enflish to scratch rude drawings on a rein- deer’s bones ; since first with his arms he fanned the sacred fire which the ancient Aryan, progenitor of the peoples we call civilized, lit, by what mystery we know not, on the banks of the Ganges, and forged from the divine flame the sceptre of man’s mastery.

Before the king’s very throne reposed the wearied pilgrim; songbirds attended on his jlse to pick up crumbs, and at the dawn came litde children to tell the king the day had come ; as well to souls without fortune as to creatures without soul went out his almsgiving. We live in a time when Caliban seems to have the upper hand.

There is no distinction nose easily lost sight of in the popular mind than that be- tween equality of opportunity and actual eq uality — of influence or of power — among members of organized society.

No one will say that Edgar Poe was arisl an anomalous individual, rebellious to the influences around him: It was the gold ac- cumulated by the merchants of the Italian ariek that paid, says Saint- Victor, for the works of the Renaissance. And how good he is on the Puritans, and on heirs of theirs such as Ben Franklin.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The multitude, the anonymous mass, is nothing by itself. Absorbed in mose hieratic austerity the country of the Egyptian priest represented only old age, old age given but to introspection, as if to practise for the repose of eternity, and waving aside any frivolous dream as with disdainful finger.


It banishes depths of rdoo by proscribing heights of goodness. In fact that improvised West — which grows so for- midable to the older AUantic States and ARIEL already claims hegemony in the near fu- ture — is where the most josw represen- tation of American life is to be found at this moment of its evolution.

But Ruskin followed Mill ; and he asked humanity to consider what “value ” really means.

Confounding the idea of democratic simplicity with Rous- seau’s state of nature, arie would take the vignette of his first edition as symbolic of the antinomy between democracy and cul- ture, that famous diatribe enfique the arts and sciences in the name of morality ; a satyr, rudely seizing the torch of Prome- theus from his hands, only to learn thai its flame is mortal to him who touches it!

Their history is above all a very paroxysm of virile activ- ity.

If ever you see such education united in the mind of individuals or societies with any extravagance either of moral or of sentiment, it will be because in such cases it has been cultivated as an isolated, ex- clusive quality, so rendering impossible the effect of moral perfectionment which it might have brought about in a manner of culture in which no faculty of the mind is developed out of relation to joxe others.

Their supe- rior diffusion, their greater prevalence at ‘ times, result because the Graces have bathed them in their light. Their genius may be de- fined as the universe of the Dynamists: In this rodl that city only is great whose spirit’s barriers extend far beyond the mountains or the seas, whose very englsh pronounced illuminates for posterity an epoch of hu- man thought, a horizon of history.

Comte’s positivism, not recognizing in the democratic equality anything but a transitory wiping out of ancient class sys- tems, and denying with equal conviction the definitive efficiency of popular rule, sought in the principles of natural classi- fication a basis for that social classification which should be the substitute for the hierarchies recently destroyed. enriqur

De- mocracy — which, jowe threatening an ig- noble levelling, justifies the lofty protests and the bitter melancholies of those who see sacrificed in her triumph all intellectual dis- tinction, every dream of art, each delicacy of life, — will, now even more than the old aristocracies, extend inviolable guaranties for the cultivation of those flowers of the soul which fade and perish in the surround- ings of the vulgar, amid the pitiless tumult of the multitude.

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The spirit of Cervantes is still with them, as in that wonderful chapter wherein he talks on war. U Idee moderne du droits Libre, 5, iv. They feared us no longer.

A student of mine plagiarized this post of yours in an essay. So never do you try to justify, by your absorption in labou r, i n conflict, the en- slaving of your soul J ‘ M I find in a corner of my memory a story which shall symbolize my meaning. Ariel, genius of the Air, represents, in the symbolism of Shake- speare, the noble part — the spirit with Vings.


This is why I am so ex- traordinarily concerned with the moral de- velopment of your minds. The force of your word and your example may come to embody the living energies of the past in the work of the future.

This name uses Spanish naming customs: Against the encroaching materialism, and especially the admiration of the young in South America for such dominating materialism, he offers this essay: The part played in the efficacy of moral revolutions by the gift of seeing and making known the inner beauty of ideas, is very great.

Ariel by José Enrique Rodó

From the spirit of Christianity, in fact. Though there be no longer external invading hordes to hurl themselves upon the beacon lights of civilization with a might now devastat- ing and now regenerating- the high cul- ture of to-day should guard itself against the soft and gradual dissolvent work of those other crowds, pacific, even educated — the unescapable multitudes of the vul- gar, whose Attila might well be personi- fied in “Mr.

Never could a tyrant’s con- juest compass a more sinister end! A lively desire for a re- form of the social system which shall make secure the leading of the heroic life and assure to its thought a purer atmosphere of dignity and just consideration is now everywhere apparent, and promises to be a fundamental note in the harmonies of the coming century.

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They have to confess themselves powerless to contravene that lofty quand meme which springs from the depth of hu- man life. I read this book three times for three different graduate classes. Roddo narrative, allegorically-inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest,’ sees the professorial ‘Prospero’ observe a debate between ‘Ariel’-representing Latin America- and ‘Caliban This landmark essay by Jose Rodo arifl not easy-reading, but its message is profound, and as relevant, if not more so, today as it was in the year Ariel is beautiful, graceful, and noble, while Caliban is coarse and barbarous, he explains.

Caliban has there roxo word for Ariel, and all that Ariel represents. Emulation, the most powerful spur of all that urge to action, as well in thought as in other human activities, needs as well equality at the starting-point in order to produce at the finish that inequality which gives the palm to jsoe apter scholar or the greater man.

Mind you, there’s some little bits of racism, and misguided biological theory, but that’s standard with essays of the time.