2. Ariadne auf Naxos. Opera in One Act with a Prologue. Music by Richard Strauss. Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. First Performance. Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi lllica, based on episodes from As revised, Ariadne auf Naxos premiered at the Hofoper in Vienna on. Ariadne auf Naxos ( version) (). Duration: minutes. Opera in one act with a prologue (Revised version of score). English Deutsch. Libretto by .

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This production was also repeated the following summer. Echo, unsichtbar, wiederholt das Rondo, aber ohne Text, ad libitum.

And light her breath and light too is her step, No blade of grass moves when she walks, Gentle her sleep! Here nought is holy!

Zerbinetta forcibly dragging them away. Menl If Heaven really wanted us to resist them, why did it create them all so different! Du sprachst von einem Libretti Everybody is reproaching me for my intercourse with great nobles and I, I find nothing more pleas- ing than that.

Bacchus eventually falls in love with Ariadne, who agrees to follow him to librehto realm of death to search for Theseus. After Ariadne sings ” Die deiner lange harret, nimm sie dahin! Aber man erkennt mich nicht! Bacchus promises to set her in the heavens as a constellation. Mein Sinn ist wirr von vielem Liegen ohne Trost! Echo invisible, repeats the Rondo, but without words, ad libitum. Dies muss ich nur noch finden: A dancing master introduces Zerbinetta into the plot, which she understands from her very own perspective, and she gets ready for the performance.


Zerbinetta still eyeing him. Tragedy in one act.

Full text of “Ariadne on Naxos : opera in one act”

Schaffen Sie ihm Tinte, Feder, einen Rotstift, was immer! As light through clouds of sorrow. She then tells her companions her version of the story, in which they are travellers who have landed on Ariadne’s desert island and must cheer her up when the chance occurs.

A sudden gust of wind carries him and Ariadne with him, quickly, to the mouth of the cave. What is it that hangs Thus on my arm? I wait thy word Dost ask?

Ariadne auf Naxos (1916 version) (1916)

Is all my sorrow’s weight for ever, ever, Gone from me? Circe, I had power to escape thee.

She permits him to draw it on her loot, supporting herself the while on Truffaldino, who has fallen at her feet on the other side. Rises from the ground as she speaks. All Three each one to himself.


Du wirst mich befreien, Mir selber mich geben, Dies lastende Leben, Du, nimm es von mir. The end I await here ‘Twixt hoping and fearing. I wish they had lit more candles. Die Salzburger Festspiele — After the characters in the play have disappeared, dancing, through the door on the left, Jourdain stands librettk at the departure of his guests.

Einen Lakai zu mir! Ta;bm C ann ” Ditto. And to think that you are from top to toe just such a woman! Can you not feel it? The sad lady Her closed eye averteth, She hears not the singing, She sees not the dance. Ihr fallet zur Last!

Opera Today

Arianna invoca il dio della morte. Grange Books, ] Eventually, the work was revised with the first part being entirely rewritten as a prologue to the opera. But one thing would I find: Ariadne Gloried in sunlight and rejoiced in life! The comedians again try to cheer her up with singing and dancing, but to no avail.