Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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Army depots and installations listed in table 4—2, except for the following: The type of space allotted for storage of each commodity, for example, warehouse, shed, igloo, magazine, tank, vault, open improved, or open unimproved. Legend for Figure 2—1.

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Two types of auditors External auditor: A container conforming to ISO specifications, and so designed to be transported as a container-on-flat-car COFC ; or secured to a wheeled chassis 7403- a van trailer for motor transport or as a trailer-on-flat-car TOFC ; or transported aboard ships as a container without chassis or in containerships having compartments specifically constructed for stacking containers.

NSF in rack area: Department of the Army Washington, DC. Is the amount of space in open storage, which has been graded and hard surfaced or prepared with topping of some ad materials to permit effective materials handling operations? Entries for covered storage space will be rounded to the nearest hundred of square feet for example, 10, will be entered as 10,; 10, as 10, Army prepositioned stocks control a.

Enter the sum of line 19, 20 and Commanders of combat equipment groups will—. Installation identity codes, page Requests for diversion of storage space will include the following information:.


Adjutant General supply facilities. Outside continental United States. Enter the amount s of gross storage space leased. You’ve come to the right place. It evaluates the functional andnonfunctional characteristics of the ammunition stockpile.

CARE OF SUPPLIES IN STORAGE (COSIS) – ppt video online download

Each activity will establish and maintain a quality control and reliability management program that will be managed independently of other functions at the activity. Sample of completed DD Form with completion instructions by item, column, and line — continued Chapter 5 Quality Control and Reliability Management 5—1.

Users are its direct reporting unit or field operating invited to send comments and suggested agency, in the grade of colonel or the improvements on DA Form Recomcivilian equivalent. Storage space requirements recognition will be based on the following: In alphabetic sequence list the name of each commodity stored.

Inspection frequencies, page 33 Figure List Figure 2—1: Facility justification requirements a. Recommendation for appropriate disposition. It may be a separate installation or be located at another installation.

The cubic capacities reported on line 21 are limited to those attainable under present storage arrangements and achievable with available equipment. Logistics Testing and Evaluation 7403.

Includes Red River Munitions Center. Contracts for commercial storage services. Any depot or depot activity having a sustained net covered storage space occupancy rate of 75 percent or less 7403 a period exceeding one year is a candidate for closure.

Action will be initiated to close, or to justify the continued operation of those af or depot activities failing to meet the above occupancy rate. Space that is temporarily removed from storage operations due to building construction, modification, or upgrade as well as storage aid erection or removal, fixed material handling equipment MHE erection or removal.

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Installation identity codes used on the Storage Space Management Report Installation identity codes are contained in table 4—2. Additional entries will be annotated in the remarks section. The Army report is comprised ra all individual reports.

Section 1 Army Prepositioned Stocks. The last outbound storage report number issued by the installation prior to the end of the reporting period. Does the person who is responsible for submitting the DD Form have a good knowledge of their job, or do they require training? Reports must be submitted for installations having fewer than 1, GSF of covered storage space if the installation is considered to be of significant logistical importance by reason of mission assignment, location, or activity.

Net storage space available for storage will meet a minimum criterion of 65 percent of gross storage space used for bulk storage operations.

AR 740-3 Stock Readiness

Reports will be prepared in accordance with the instructions contained in this section and figure 4—1A and 4—1B. Ammunition stockpile reliability laboratory testing. Report explanations of data submitted or conditions of which management should be cognizant.

A transitory shelter is a prefabricated sectional, metal structure, normally with complete sides and ends, but without utilities, classified as a storage aid rather than a real property facility.

Facilities required on this basis will be aar without structural changes.