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Figure A shows back alley containers, for compostables and trash. In backyard composting, ad pile is simply turned with a shovel or pitchfork. They are intended to provide information on specific topics in areas of Facilities Engineering and Public Works.


The best example is a leaf pile. A Guide to Hazardous Materials Management: The clippings will decompose naturally and return some nutrients back to the soil. Any long term, high volume compost program should seriously consider the investment. University of Minnesota St.

Composting can also be done in a series of side-by-side concrete bunkers, similar in concept to a backyard bin with three sections. This can be done on paper, with a spreadsheet, or with an automated computer program. Turned Windrows i Turned windrows are the most common type of central composting facility.

These avoided costs may outweigh the expense of the a equipment. This site is a few miles northeast of the main cantonment area, thereby eliminating the possibility of odor complaints.

Soldier and contractor grounds crews bring grass clippings and other debris from around buildings in the cantonment area. Augusta, ME PH: Paul, MN PH: There are many different types of machines available to do this.


There are different types of industrial size screening 4420-49 available for different types of bulk materials. Construction was 4420-49 to begin shortly thereafter; several years were allowed for the construction and permitting process. However, of these, temperature is the most important for monitoring.

Army Energy and Water Management Program: Policies/Regulations: AR Series

Four different types of centralized composting facilities are applicable to 420–49 installations: Defense Services Directory of Environmental Courses.

Remember that people did not start recycling overnight. To be published within 6 months. Three section wood bin. However, contractors would be willing to operate a machine at an installation on a periodic basis, because the A PWTB 15 AUGUST contractor’s fee would include maintenance, transportation, and the contractor’s time for operating the machine. Drawbacks to using tub grinders include noise and flying debris.

Brookings, SD PH: Thursday May 5th, 9: 420-9 with yardwaste bans Source: Too much N will cause rapid decomposition and require that the pile be turned to avoid anaerobic conditions. It appeared that most people did not notice or may have simply disregarded the instructions on the sticker figure A Towed units are moderately priced, but would not do as well in mixing or size reduction as the drum rotor models.

Clearly define the goals and whatever pressures are pushing you to reduce waste. Even a modest sized compost operation will need one for placing and loading raw and finished product. To ensure adequate oxygen, the windrow must be turned.


If you are constructing bins of wood, do not use pressure-treated lumber unless you are certain that the resulting compost will not be used in growing food. The temperature is measured with a long stemmed thermometer figure A-3at a depth of at least 18 in.

AR 420-49 Utility Services

Brodie Extension Agricultural Engineer Dept. Fresh compost at Fort Riley. Rather, the compostables are piled over a series of perforated pipes to which a blower is attached Figure A Home or Backyard Composting i Backyard composting is the most practical and cost-effective method for managing yard wastes and some food wastes from single family housing areas.

However, planners must consider several other issues.

However, it also reduces 4204-9 porosity, or air void space, of the pile. The entire unit is roughly the size of a semi-trailer figure A Appendix B lists manufacturers. Directory of Environmental Training Courses. Organic, compostable materials comprise a large fraction of the municipal solid waste stream.