Keyboard artist David Schrader, a favorite of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, made his solo recording debut with this CD of harpsichord works. Buy Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango by Antonio Soler, Begoña Uriarte, Karl- Hermann Mrongovius from Amazon’s Classical Music Store. Everyday low prices . Antonio Soler, Scott Ross – Padre Soler: Fandango / 9 Sonates – Music.

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A fandango once attributed to Soler, and probably more often performed than any other work of his, is now thought by some to be of doubtful authorship. Bill Maylone Front Cover: Views Read Edit View history. Six Centuries Of Spanish Music.

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. The Medici Harpsichord Book. If your soundcard can use external patches, I recommend that you search the web for a good harpsichord patch and substitute it for the original in antoniio to hear the MIDI files to their best advantage. Various colleagues followed suit. A word on the sonata numbers: Infurthermore, Anthony Tudor choreographed a ballet to the music that entered the American Ballet Theatre repertoire two decades later.

The harpsichord used on this recording.

He died in the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial ; no portraits of him are known to exist. I hope that you enjoy listening to these sonatas as much as I have enjoyed preparing them, in hopes that they will cast some illumination into the shadows of Scarlatti and restore the music of this unique composer to its proper place in the sun.

Our Team will evaluate and post your review soon. Period scholars early Classical period, of Iberian concentration remain divided about its authenticity, although no one disputes the work’s brilliance or prodigies of invention, given that it lasts minutes, depending on the performing artist.


P adre Antonio Soler was one of those remarkable historical figures whom we of the twentieth century might find almost unbelievable when regarding what we would call the “output” of his career. Other pieces include Christmas villancicos [1] and Catholic liturgical music, including Masses.

Soler also composed concertosquintets for organ and stringsmotets[2] masses and pieces for solo organ.

Fandango for keyboard in D minor,… | Details | AllMusic

While Scarlatti’s influence on Soler is evident, it is well to note some salient differences in the two composers’ works for keyboard. Details for these CD’s and many others may be found in the linked Soler discography. The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of anfonio album.

A s did Couperin and Rameau, but not to such a degree, Soler occasionally gave descriptive names to his sonatas. The basic question is not when the Fandango in D minor was written, but whether Soler was the composer. Other Ffandango of Interest. Perhaps Scarlatti benefited from the relationship as much as his student. In his life he produced: While both Samuel Fanxango and Frederick Marvin -the two leading Soler researchers, originally attributed the work to Soler, there has been some question as to the authorship.

Soler Main Page

And yet there are many stylistic differences as well, such as Soler’s predilection for the musical device known as the “Alberti bass”, a tool seldom used by Scarlatti listen to Sonata 10and refer to the short discussion of the guitar influences in the sonatas. The instrument used in the recording an 8-foot single-manual harpsichord was built by Paul Y. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Mallorca Edition Historische Orgeln. Then listen to Sonata 40 for contrast. The proponent and instigator of this theory is Isidro Barrio, himself a Soler performer and scholar, who states his case as follows: As if all of these duties and musical endeavors were not enough to occupy his waking hours, he also found time to invent a tuning box that he called an afinador or templantewhich used plucked strings to divide the 9: Later in life, he was chapel master in Lleida and at the Royal Court in El Escorialin which latter venue he continued his musical studies.


This is only a partial list – there are many more known works, as well as a controversial treatise on harmony the Llave de la Modulacionor “Key to Modulation” and, strangely enough, a mathematically adept treatise on currency exchange rates.

Harpsichord Fandabgo – Concordance, Dicsography, Miscellaneous.

Fandango for keyboard in D minor, No 146

The virtual doler subsided in time, but not the power of a work that obeys the basic rules of a quick-moving, minor-key folk dance in triple-meter, with alternating measures of tonic and dominant harmony in the bass line, above which the melody is elaborated. I hope to explain in greater depth at a later date the reasons which make me doubt the authenticity of the work.

Album Rating — Please select — 5 4 3 2 1.

Complete Works for Harpsichord. T here are also versions of the documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; you can download these by right-clicking the title and selecting “Save target as” if you are using Internet Explorer – for other anronio, see your documentation for instructions on how to do this. By a curious coincidence, both of these composers began their career in the Benedictine monastery at MontserratSpain. Rubio then subjected the work to a thorough examination and informed me that I was right: AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.