In “House of Stone,” Anthony Shadid recounts the year he devoted to restoring his great-grandfather’s home in the southern Lebanese town of. Anthony Shadid. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. “Evocative and beautifully written, House of Stone should be read by anyone who wishes . ‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid is a profound and poignant tale of fractured lives and a broken region.

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Knowing this made all the parts of the book where he addresses his young daughter about his hopes for her and his reasons for rebuilding the house more important.

Anthony Shadid, Finding Peace In A ‘House Of Stone’ : NPR

houes The story is about an American journalist who gets divorced and takes a leave of absence from the Washington Po This is the first Anthony Shadid I’ve read and he came across as rather guarded. I really wanted to know more about him, Anthony the man, who was absent in this story, so was his experiences in war zone areas like Iraq and the west bank, or more interesting the time he was held captive in Libya.

There is introspection involved. Money was short, and the astute Lebanese easily saw through his attempts to bluff down their prices.

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid: review – Telegraph

For me, most of the characters, with only a few exceptions Dr. I plan to read one of his other books Night Draws Near. Shadid had another, starker motive for his new project: A collection of the best contributions and shaddi from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. Read an excerpt of House Of Stone. Hundreds of thousands starved to death in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and beyond.


Every other sentence leaps out at me. Watching the masons and craftsman who help restore this home Shadid learns the bravery to stay: I was saddened to learn that Anthony Shadid lost his life before this book was published at age He spent a year restoring the home to its ahadid glory and reminiscing about the history of his family and of the Middle East.

The book houe the story of these immigrants success in the United States to become doctors, lawyers, and a grandson a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. The complexity of the terrain is obvious from his wtone of the area. Feb 16, Kelly rated it did not like it. I appreciated his perspective. Jan 26, Jennifer Swapp rated it really liked it.

His quest evokes admiration for Shadid’s family, sorrow for the tragedies they faced, and thou As we age, our hearts eventually turn to our fathers, and we try to understand those who went before, what they were like, how they faced life, what challenges they overcame, and we gauge whether we measure up to our ancestors.

Which it is, and this man personally saw a lot of that in his reporting. Israel faces its own traumas from its terribly misguided intervention in the Lebanese mess and has much to answer for, but Shadid keeps coming back to Palestine this and Palestine that again and again.

‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid

A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase. Biography and Memoir Reviews. Then back to the house and its tiles and windows, which was to me very boring.


What kind of future does a country have when shafid people keep leaving or looking only sotne A year later, I still think about this book, and the impact it had on me.

We avoid bloodshed over religion and politics only because we avoid discussing them, but we avoid them less and less and clash more and more. I appreciated the importance of the restoration to him and the arc of the story, but it needed further editi This od is told in two concurrent parts: Not a quick surface read.

House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East

A house does not become a home until a family moves in, eats and sleeps there, tells stories. The prose is ripe, the biblical landscapes vividly rendered. Some of them remain proud.

Now I want to read more about him and also the area. Skip to main content. I will finish with one final quote about Lebanon. And that’s basically how he loses me: And they would often come up to him and tell him, ‘We wish others would do the same.