Mandela: The Authorised Biography is a study of Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, by the late journalist Anthony Sampson. Sampson’s book. Widely considered to be the most important biography of Nelson Mandela, Antony Sampson’s remarkable book has been updated with an afterword by. Perhaps no living historical figure, with the possible exception of Pope John Paul II, enjoys the worldwide honor and affection accorded Nelson Mandela. All the.

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Later, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu would cite atrocities committed by both sides and supported by leaders of both factions. The Rise and Fall of Corporate Life,etc. For Winnie, what I found interesting was Mandela’s intense loyalty when she was both disloyal sexually majdela him and also got involved in murders and Fascinating book.

It’s a hard story.

It’s a complex issue, involving many diverse social and political groups and I’m sure it will take me many This book gives a comprehensive account of Mandela’s political career, his role in the ANC and the S. I remember hearing the sampsin about the life of Nelson Mandela and how he had lead the fight against apartheid and spent nearly two decades in prison.

Not necessarily his viewpoints and his world-renown status, but the qualities of loyalty, leadership, courage, confidence, and forgiveness that we all struggle with on a day to day basis. This biography goes well with a collection of his own writings and sayings: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. On that count I was terribly, terribly mistaken. But Sampson seems to realize his mistake towards the latter part of Mandela’s life, which is his biggest mistake.

Aug 01, Barbara rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have always had the impression Nelson Mandela is an exception to that rule; and wondering why that is made me start reading this book.


It came with a price, that of giving up his family for his country, which Mandela himself admits. Painful passages in Sampon life are mentioned but not real This brick of a biography provides a very comprehensive account of the aythorized career of Nelson Mandela, his involvement in the ANC, and the anti-apartheid movement.

They felt rather forgotten. This page was last edited on 29 Julyat The real astonishing feat of Nelson Mandela came after his release from prison, where he managed to negotiate an end to apartheid and hold his country together, despite the threat of Civil War, which seemed very real in the early 90s.

Dec 11, Joyce authkrized it really liked it Shelves: Just antbony moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And he shined like the wise old bird that he is. De Klerk denied this, and said that he had been unable to restrain the third force, even though he wanted to.

Paperbackpages. The blurb says that Sampson was given ‘ In this utterly compelling book, eminent biographer Anthony Sampson draws on a ibography year-long relationship to reveal the man who rocked a continent — and changed its future.

He refused to dismantle this wing of the ANC as long as Afrikaner government attacks, torture, and killings continued unabated. Early on Mandela seems to have been influenced by socialist thinkers and certainly the Communists within South Africa were important allies in the struggle against apartheid, but unlike many Communist Parties, they didn’t really take their marching orders from Moscow. A quote from Mandela on page Sampson, who spent decades in South Africa as a journalist first met Nelson Mandela in and was given unprecedented access to Mandela’s papers and accounts of his time in jail in what is billed as an ‘authorized biography.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography – Anthony Sampson – Google Books

Insight provided why Mandela escapes the fate of much o Rarely do revered leaders not fall from their pedestal after leaving the office from which they could control their image. Apr 27, Willy rated it liked it.


It’s not too difficult, save for the length. Mandela’s struggle emphasized the other side of the coin from what I was reading at the time. More of a character study would have been appropriate.

Dec 24, Tina Alston rated it it was amazing. It seems sacrilegious to give a book about Nelson Mandela 1 star, but it articulated on too many uninteresting topics.

I wasn’t into the ANC and the Afrikaner political power struggle but I did find Mandela’s view on armed struggle interesting. In addition to covering his years maandela, during and after his incarceration, the author assesses Mandela’s impact as President on South Africa and the world.

This is where I found the biography to be most informative.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography

Mar 29, Betty rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s arguably his most controversial period among his supporters, where he was criticised for being too concilliatory to the previous Afrikaner government. I should admit, I didn’t finish anthonj. This selection was prompted by my brother’s recent trip to South Africa. Long after his presidency of South Africa, Nelson Mandela remained an inspirational figure to millions — A Biography or Long Walk to Freedom. After reading page after page of Mandela the child, and then Mandela the student, complete with every last tribal aquaintence, you’re ready to immerse yourself in Mandela the politician.

Good for a general overview of the man himself and the evolution of the ANC. What I also found interesting was his relationship with Winnie and his actual attempt at governance after he endured so much.

While no one should expect a detailed political analysis in a biography, leaving out those details leaves behind a serious part of Nelson Mandella.