Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley has 63 ratings and 8 reviews. Michelle said: This should have been boring, but for some reason I stuck with it and enjoyed it. University Press of Florida Book: Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley. Contributors: Daniel L. Schafer. ISBN Numbers: Her name was Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley. A free woman, Anna Kingsley petitioned the Spanish government for land, and land grant records.

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He also owned ships that he captained on trading voyages. Anna was a good businesswoman and ran several of his plantations along with his slaves. Her mother also had ancestors who had held the title of the Buurba Jolofor king of the Wolofs. Susan L’Engle had the impression that Anna was quite lonely though her jobs at the plantation kept her constantly busy.

Their new son was subject to the harsh enactments that Zephaniah Kingsley called “a system of terror.

After the United States took control of Florida and American discriminatory laws threatened the multi-racial Kingsley family, most of them moved to Haiti. Madgigin court honored a treaty between madgugine United States and Spain, and Anna was successful in the court case, despite a political climate hostile toward blacks. In a fine, comfortable house with views of the tidal marsh and ocean beyond, Anna spent the next twenty-three years of her klngsley.

She became one of a significant number of free people of African descent in East Florida. Her husband formally emancipated her inand she became the owner of her own farm and twelve slaves the following year. Want to Read saving…. Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley died in By the time she arrived at Laurel Grove, she was pregnant.

He is the author of several books, including Zephaniah Kingsley Jr. Anna decided to leave Florida and go to Haiti.



The shells came from the massive middens left by the Timucua who previously inhabited the island. Schafer has written several other books including one about Zephaniah which I’m reading as well. Retrieved 27 September Kingsley told abolitionist Lydia Child in an interview that Anna was “very capable, and could carry on all the affairs of the plantation in my absence, as well as I could myself”, but he either deliberately misrepresented other details in his life or Child’s reporting was jaii, calling into question other statements Kingsley was reported to have said.

Together with a number of rebellious Floridians, they looted and occupied the homesteads of kadgigine and settlers to obtain supplies and set up bases.

He had several other slave “wives” and many children. They lived in a compound designed much like the co Academic account of a woman born at the end of the 18th century into African nobility, sold into slavery at the age of 13, who became the mistress of an East Florida plantation.

Her husband formally emancipated her inand she became the owner of her own farm and twelve slaves the following year.

I have long had an interest in aji Kingsley story, but, thanks to Mr. Anthropologists suggest that Anna may have had the knowledge to instruct her slaves how to form the tabby because it was widely used in West Africa.

Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley | Illuminations

In Zephaniah and Anna Kingsley, along kungsley their children and slaves, moved to Fort George Island, a sea island near the mouth of the St. The “Undoubtedly the best documented record of a slave born in Africa,who married her owner in East Florida, operated a plantation after her husband’s death, and ruled as matriarch over an extended family until the Civil War.


Megan rated it liked it Apr 27, Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Be the first to ask a question about Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley. Most visitors had assumed she was already a free jau. For 25 years, life on her farm and at the Kingsley plantation on Fort George Island was relatively tranquil.

Anna Kingsley: A Free Woman

What a great story: With Florida’s secession and hostility from Confederates intensifying, Anna had to leave her home again. For 25 years, life on her farm and at the Kingsley plantation on Fort George Island was relatively tranquil. I went to Jacksonville, Florida recently and visited the Kingsley Plantation in order to see for myself the place where this former African woman, Anna Madgigine Jal Kingsley lived. Being from the area, this is a well known fact; however to read about this rich history is astounding and enlightening.

The family fled to Haiti, but after her husband’s death Anna returned to the U. Around this absent center, Schafer diligently fills in the gaps, from contextualizing his subject’s childhood by offering an overview of the traditions and dynastic struggles of Senegal to retracing her path as she fled the Civil War, and through his conscientious efforts Anna’s outline at least emerges.

A Memoir of a Jagged, Joyful Life. Had he died before they were freed, Anna and the children would have been sold. When she was kihgsley years old, she was captured and sent to Cubawhere she was purchased by, impregnated by, and married to Zephaniah Kingsleya slave trader and plantation owner.