Bei Anlagen kann die Anleitung in der Anleitung des Hauptformulars ( Mantelbogen) enthalten sein. Einkommensteuer-Mantelbogen – ESt 1A. I have nothing to claim VAT back on for , I failed to keep receipts etc. .. So in the Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand ignore the words. line put an X in the box to the left of “Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand” and an X in . salaries for which you had to pay public pension payments in the year

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It’s a kind of deal, you save them the work of having to type in everything manually from your paper forms and in turn they process it in a shorter time frame and as long as you don’t have too much income and not too many expenses which you don’t have at all, since you didn’t keep the invoices for products you purchasedthey just wave it through.

Your wife should keep records of her trips, for example a list in which she writes on which day, from which hour to which hour she traveled in the car with the number plate no.

You can later import that XML file to pick up where you left off, see the icons for these actions below: If these are silly then i am sorry for bothering everyone: Notify me of new posts by email. Since you don’t pay tax on these contributions we are talking about the situation from onwardsyou don’t mention them in your tax return no tax paid on them that you could recuperate.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file

Posted 19 Feb Register a new account. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to vorsorrgeaufwendungen a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I am a regular employee, and wife kleinunternehmer. More on that in the TT wiki Elster yellow section. Posted 6 Jan So in things vorsorgeafuwendungen to be better. If you had no other income e. If you are not a freelancer, then you are a Gewerbetreibender and have to fill in Anlage G.


No, this is not a mistake, it really says I read in some post that it can also be claimed I also thought that this amount should this be entered in Anlage AV but the lady said that Anlage AV is only if one pays for Reister and she said I can fill this amount in Line 50 of Anlage Vorsorgeaufwendungen. How to fill in Anlage AV lines 1, 2, 3: Your email address will not be published. I suggest you read the TT wiki article on “Freelancing in Germany”.

Another is for foreign income could include bank account again etc.

Umsatzsteuer form – Finance – Toytown Germany

Filing a tax return – help on how to file Started by Natalie2 Jan If you both earn exactly the same, you won’t have any advantage from having gotten married, only if one of you earns more than the other does getting married pay off. How should I clarify or address this German case law to the Finanzamt in order to proceed with my Tax Return with my spouse Portuguese income? Posted 27 Feb Another thing you should keep in mind is that as a “teacher”, she does have to pay mandatory public pension contributions in Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

If you have lost them you can vorsorgeaufwendhngen a small piece of paper called an Eigenbeleg see 2nd half of this post in Is it worth to get a tax advisor Not sure what I should put in ? PandaMunich explained pretty in detail but I still have a few gorsorgeaufwendungen.

If you had been self-employed and your wife non-working, i. You always declare them exactly as you got them. Posted 23 Feb If that’s the case, that is certainly good news! I am trying to fill up the tax forms and I have come cross to one question about the travel fees fahrkosten which actually is the distance from the home to office, I know that I have to multiple the number of the working days in a year to distance vorsorgeaufwejdungen then to 0.


Information about filling tax returns in Germany – Study and Life in Germany

znlage Line 16 is for the health insurance that you paid, line 18 for the nursing insurance Pflegeversicherung. Many, many thanks in advance.

If you’re interested, Starshallow has written some introductions on this topic, Riester Rente vs. That will give you a idea of how much tax you owe.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Then just fill in the amount you calculated as your profit into line 4 of the Anlage S. If you are a student you probably pay the standard student contribution, per month: You can find the version of all tax forms hereexcept the Mantelbogen ESt 1 V, which is here.

If she does have her own health insurance then 1 into fieldand 2 into field Posted 8 Jan I really appreciate it.

Here’s an article in German on this for your wife. The lady in Finanzamt told me that this is of no benefit to fill in because it will not be counted. These invoices have to by law!

Information about filling tax returns in Germany

Sie gilt fuer folgende Steuerarten: Attach rental contract and proofs of payment lines 74 to How to fill in Anlage VL at top: Any ideas on that and how that anlqge with my overall status as a Kleinunternehmer? I have nothing to claim VAT back on forVorsorgeauufwendungen failed to keep receipts etc.

Elster is a free software offered by the Finanzment. Before back when dinosaurs ranged, up until about the sa company pension plan was exactly that.