[RPG] – Anima Beyond Fantasy (Roleplaying Game) Special thanks to u/ fenelon for a copy of the last book I needed, the Prometheum Exxet!. Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural is a book dedicated to the world . AS/ FFG: Is there a release planning for the english version of this book? .. Anima books are more expensive than the average rpg book, so I think. Using Arcana Exxet Arcana Exxet uses the magic rules from the revised Spanish edition of Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Players unfamiliar with the changes made to.

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Anima RPG: Arcana Exxet – Secrets of the Supernatural

Also, when using this ability, a wizard is limited to a maximum of two spells cast per turn, even if he would have sufficient MA to cast three or more. The spell must be cast immediately after someone performs an action, and the character who took that action must immediately reroll. The armor is only reduced for the purposes of resolving the enhanced spell. Beoynd all the mystical arts, summoning is the most complex and requires the most study from its practitioners.

The different specialties are: The wizard has some blood from the target of the animma. Energy Control A wizard who masters this advantage controls the supernatural matter of his spells.

When casting an Attack or Spiritual spell, a wizard can spend Zeon to reduce the defender’s Armor Type by 1 point for each 10 points of extra Zeon spent. The wizard has the ability to bend chaos to his will, allowing him to get the results fantassy wants from it. If this section has a “No,” the spell’s effects are complete in the moment of casting and the spell cannot be maintained.

Effect Levels Although the Game Master must determine the precise level of any effect, the effects described in this section are examples of the suggested 5 effect levels. In addition, anyone who tries to determine whether or not he possesses supernatural abilities applies a arcanx to to the Magic Appraisal check.

They can master their englisj simply by practicing on their own as an athlete might train his body. The character can use High Magic spells without arcxna Gnosis 25 or higher. Therefore, when he casts a High Magic spell, he loses an equal amount of Zeon and the spell’s maintenance cost is doubled. VODOUN Vodoun is a magical Tlneorem based on the sorcerous principles of the use and control of the supernatural ties that bind all that exists. The wizard automatically increases his check result by one level when making a Magic Appraisal check to detect people with the Gift or to identify spells being cast around him.


Beings created by magic cannot use natural magic. This specialty contains those powers related to manipulating souls and the supernatural world. Engliwh Spiritual Zone An empty spiritual zone is a place utterly devoid of spirits, so emotionally dead that no supernatural forces will remain there long.

In fact, most wizards begin using natural magic as children, and it is not until they learn to express their power through spells that they become true wizards. A Piece of His Body: Posted July 1, Sign up for a new account in our community. That’s just plain stupid, you can speak english, we can’t speak french, simple as that.

Full text of “Anima”

It is important to note that this spell does not give a character power over chaos if it does not exist in an area, so the more chaotic the environment, the greater his power. Therefore, there are slightly greater numbers of them nowadays than there are wizards, but they too must hide their powers from the masses.

However, they will likely have nothing in common with wizards from another school in terms of methods, even if they employ spells that have the same effects. Same as above, except that the maximum Zeon is 60 additional acana. The values in Table I reflect the amount of bbeyond it will take if the character devotes most of his time to studying and developing his magical knowledge.

The wizard increases his level of learning on Table I by two levels see page 8. The Final Ability determined by this advantage does not allow for special modifiers and always uses the determined value as the default final result. It allows a wizard to see into and manipulate others’ souls. That is, if he suffers an attack that causes 80 points of damage, he must pass a Withstand Pain check at difficulty 80 to maintain the Zeon he has accumulated or at difficulty 40 to not completely lose arcaa points see Chapter II in Anima: The wizards perform their chants independently, and at the time of the spell’s completion, they all trigger different small spells that blend together to form the final spell.


Magic Level is just the maximum value that he can come to acquire, the limit his abilities fnatasy reach at that time.

The character can choose to consume Zeon points to cast a spell with a Final Ability of When the wizard is the target of a successful magical attack, he may choose to take half the damage in Zeon points and half in Life Points, instead of all in Life Points. Not only are Gifted people capable of perceiving the supernatural, but they can also use their powers to reshape reality with spells or even thoughts.

This specialty contains the power to master the elements and everything associated with them. Finally, do not forget that it is not possible to master a sphere if the character does not meet its required level, even if he has sufficient Magic Level points exxwt master it. Only he keeps moving, preparing the spells he is about to cast. Fanhasy Accuracy This advantage allows a wizard to make advanced mathematical calculations that guide his offensive spells with pinpoint accuracy.

Then, find the level of the spell he wants to learn.

Sophia, who has 50 points of total Dnglish Levels but who has only used 30 of those pointswould have a base level of learning of 2, but since she has Mastery of the Occult Secondary Ability, she learns spells as if her level of learning were 3. A character can master this sphere several times.

Each soul not only generates mystical energy, but also attracts it from the environment, feeding on that energy and growing stronger.

Retain this information for your records.