“A stunning follow-up to the best-seller Angelology Part historical novel, fantasy, love story, thriller, and mystery It’s a must-read.” —Booklist (starred. Angelopolis (Angel, book 2) by Danielle Trussoni – book cover, description, publication history. Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the.

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Email required Address never made public. Also in Angelology Series. How did you pull this off?

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This particular angel is trying her best to retrieve a clue for the Grigori brothers who are the icons of the stunningly beautiful and frightening Nephilim, a group determined to end human domination once and for all. The entire book consisted of Verlaine and several other angel hunters following Evangeline and trusspni angels from New York to Russia to Siberia.

ARC provided by Netgalley. I didn’t understand the motivation of half the characters, not helped by the fact that a lot of major events character deaths, betrayals etc.


The angels either rest or need sleep, or they don’t. March 26, Sold by: While their behavior and habits have been taken from historical sources, I allow imaginary characters to speculate and to elaborate upon their personalities. The thrill of the hunt for Evangeline is part historical fiction and metaphysical thriller. But at the same time, I found that there was a new lightness in Angelopolis that Angelology did not have.

I loved the introduction of the Noah stuff with the seeds. Despite the cliffhanger we’re going to war, yay I’m not planning to read the third book either. Verlaine knows he’s in love with Evangeline, and through everything else going on around him, he knows he has to find her and save her. Since then he’s become an angelologist under the tutelage of Bruno.

The style and the subject matter are wholly secondary to these other motivations. Feb 04, Pamela Morris rated it did not like it. According to her own tweets, the author went to a convent to do some research on writing about a nun as a character. There is less description and more action.


It’s a good job this is considerably shorter than Angelology, because it’s just a mess of a book, rather than a bloated mess of one that would have wasted considerably more hours of my time to read. While a supernatural and metaphysical thriller filled with evocative and decadent details of its environment; still, Angelopolis maintains for the reader that most important and unifying link between reader and read: Assured by her own testimony that she is pure of heart, Michael disposes of more than a hundred of the villains by well-directed bolts of fire in a scene that suggests a Gattling gun with individually targeted bullets.

The Ancestor, a literary gothic novel that explores the darker realms of ancestry and inheritance, will be published by William Morrow in Your first, the memoir Falling Through Earthis seen by many as worlds apart in style, voice, and content from Angelology and Angelopolis.

Abby Aldrick Rockefeller, wife of John D. You know, facts that are wrong or sentences that make no sense or things that are mentioned once but later seem to be forgotten completely, even if they had something to do with the plot supposedly Ten years have passed since Verlaine watched his lover, Evangeline, take flight from angelopolia Brooklyn Bridge as her true self, an ancient species born of human and angel parents.

Apparently it exists in the inner circle of the prison, but that’s the extent of the conversation.

I read the Chinese translation of this book, and I will merely run a simple list about the pros and cons of this novel: That felt like it could have happened. That was left hanging. View all 6 comments. Myth and religion play a vital role in your work. Her motives to surrender to the evil killer angel Eno are totally unclear; the meeting between her and Verlaine, after 10 years, could be just as well a meeting between casual acquaintances.


Danielle Trussoni – Wikipedia

The book is trussonk edited poorly. Long story short – the book seems to be hastily slapped together, the editor didn’t help much – for ex. The names are familiar, that’s about it.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Entertainment Weekly chose it as a must read book of Fall Personal tools Log in. Yet what a crisis would occur if the proof existed!

I can tell you that it was well worth the long wait for book II in the series, Angelopolis.

The book took the premise that God destroyed the earth with a flood to destroy the corruption in the population from the nephilim which is an intriguing theory.

Near to the Eiffel Tower we find a broken body of an angel, lying in a puddle of blue blood,and two gifted Angelologists. I have a rule about always finishing whatever I start, so I plowed through it without really looking at the page sequence, only to find that the story suddenly stopped in another “cliffhanger” that is supposed to keep me in suspense waiting for the third book to come out.

The roles of real-life danislle in both books bothered me less than things that happened at the end of both books. After reading it I can certainly understand the Da Vinci Code comparisons, revealing deeper meanings behind countless important figures and artifacts throughout history.

In JuneI read Angelology in virtually one sitting. Then, before his eyes, Evangeline is abducted and Verlaine is left to hunting for her and her captors. Fab, now I have tgussoni wait more Sure enough, if you perform the proper incantations exactly correctly but not otherwise the Top Archangel himself shows up to help.