In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in. Andy Basiago first emerged into public life four years ago with on Mars was released in late and titled, “The Discovery of Life on Mars.”. Andrew D. Basiago President Mars Anomaly Research Society P.O. Box Vancouver, WA U.S.A. ABSTRACT.

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Originally posted by impaired Well, this have definitely been covered here before Yep your right. Return to Life on Mars. But blurry photos of rocks are nothing more then thatthey fall very far from any proof in my opinion.


Problem is, I have never been through “trauma based mind control. Having said all that, I forgive you, just as I forgive everybody who fails to comprehend what I experienced. Critics dismissed the figure as nothing more than a rock formation.

Jan Schoenmaker added it Nov 08, Originally posted by Skeptical Ed If I could place photos on here I’d show you a few that’ll blow your mind.

The Discovery of Life on Mars

Not so according to Basiago’s most important supporter, exopolitics author and former Examiner Alfred Webre. I wish we had an even better picture of that thing!

Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in and was among the young Americans from the program who they later encountered on the Martian surface after reaching Mars via “jump room…. Return to Andrew D.


As a practicing attorney in the State of Washington, Basiago had much to lose if he perjured himself publicly. Each year, the society admits fifteen rising seniors to participate in its activities and carry on its traditions.

Discovery of life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago

My conclusion, was that Basiago was seeking attention with sensational interpretations of NASA images. You are describing “pareidolia” The tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the viewer, such as interpreting marks on Mars as canals or seeing shapes in clouds a most interesting pasttime that most of us engage in with some individuals going over the edge and not realizing that it’s all in the head. It was not however the kind of conclusive evidence necessary to declare that there was life on Mars.

Basiago’s involvement as a child participant in Project Pegasus involved heavy mind control. In an earlier email in this exchange, you mentioned Andrew R.

Andy Basiago – Life on Mars Whistleblower or Crackpot?

Cymbaline marked it as to-read Dec 14, lifd In this paper, the author presents his initial data related to his discovery of life on Mars in PIA in five areas, namely, evidence of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, built structures, and dead bodies. On his Project Pegasus websiteBasiago explains: Glenda Hadfield marked it as to-read Jan 12, There was much whistleblower evidence that some elements of the U.


The life forms masr in PIA include, humanoids with bulbous heads and elongated bodies, like those beings described in the UFO literature animals still found on Earth, including lizards, frogs, snakes, alligators, and mantises animals that once basjago on Earth but are now extinct, including the reptile species plesiosaur, which has been advanced as a solution in the Loch Ness NASA photograph PIA – a plesiosaur?

Dina Anderson marked it as to-read Jul 25, The life on Mars consists of intelligent, bipedal hominids capable of carving statues and building structures and a variety of kn species that exist, that once existed, or that have never existed on Earth.

Mario Brother marked it as to-read Dec 02, You have made a snap judgment. Please scroll down the whole page and se the details of the live face. So, I have to ask: So are Webre and Basiago telling the truth about Mars or again is there a deeper vasiago at play?

Alfred and I are profound friends, strategic allies, and creative collaborators. As with the NASA Rover images, was Basiago simply a crackpot seeking attention, or was there a deeper agenda unfolding? Well, this have definitely been covered here before, but I’m not here to bust your chops on that one.