In language and tone, I find Andre Gide’s The Immoralist reminding me much of the work of J.M. Coetzee, specifically Disgrace. Both authors use a very pared. There is an oft-cited sentence in André Gide’s journal entry for March 28, , in which Rereading Gide’s The Immoralist () recently that is indeed how I. Gide, Andre: The Immoralist (new tr by Richard Howard).

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I gradually set to work again with a quiet mind in possession of itself, certain of its strength, look- ing calmly and confidently to the future; with a will that seemed softened, as though by harkening to the counsels of that temperate land. I was horribly upset. Mercure de France French, Alfred A. And even if I had been more perspicacious, what help against myself should I have found in Hubert, Didier or Maurice, or in all the others whom you know and judge as I do?

Her bodice and skirt were made of the same material — a Scotch plaid which we had chosen together. I noticed that under his thin, white gandourah and patched burnous, he was naked. I want to live! The danger had not been great; but I had had to show my strength, and that in order to protect her. Although initially uninterested, Michel takes great interest in Charles’ company and gentle nature. I hardly woke up at all. The excessive tranquillity of the life I led weakened, while at the same time it protected, me.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist

A long time would often immmoralist by without anything being said. If 1 had held my hero up as an example, it must be admitted that my success would have been small. After a little time, I ceased to feel uncomfortable. We took care always to have a store of syrups and sweetmeats on hand.

What she said was so charming that it delighted me. This slight delay in starting on the regime I had yide to adopt seemed of the gravest impor- tance; I forgot the preceding days; the failure of this one meal spoiled everything.

Full text of “The Immoralist”

I had not wanted the gloom of my mourning to over- anfre her. She was an orphan as I was, and lived with her two brothers.

Ashour and Moktir came with us at first; I still enjoyed their slight friendship, which cost me only half a franc a day; but I soon grew tired of them; not now so weak as to need the example of their health, and no longer finding in their play the food necessary to keep my joy alive, I turned the elation of my mind and senses to Marceline.


The same privilege he uses when Arab boys begin to take his fancy. In truth, his first type of character the scholar was shaped by his family environment, just as his second type of character was shaped by his great desire to re-invent and not truly find himself.

Dorothy Bussy Richard Howard Any very keen sensibility may, I believe, according as the organism is robust or weakly, become a source of delight or discom- fort.

The Immoralist

For the first time, so it seemed to me. A little Kabyle boy ran away at sight of us and scrambled over the wall without more ado. Then a shudder seized me. Some- one hurried to our help. In a hollow of the rocks I have mentioned, igde flowed a spring of transparent water.

There was nothing to keep us at Biskra — except the charm which afterwards called me back there. There were homosexual My second Gide book and I quite enjoyed it. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. It was already late; not a sound; not a breath; the air itself seemed asleep.

Or, if I wanted immoralust feel a frisson in any way related to the way Michel falls under the spell of young men in Bikra, rather than dismiss it as irrelevant or accept it in a politically correct fashion; I may have to look for some kind of additional aid. His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one’s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one’s values.

As I myself knew very little about my estate and was not much distressed at knowing so little, I was astonished to find how much Charles knew about it and about the way it was farmed; he told me what I was barely aware of, namely, that I had six farmer-tenants, that the rents might have amounted to sixteen or eighteen thousand francs, and that if they actually immoraljst to abdre half that sum, it was because almost everything was eaten up by repairs of all sorts and by the payment of middle- men.

Daringly, Gide quickly did what he wanted. What is important is that I came to think it a very astonishing thing to be alive, that every day shone for me, an unhoped-for light.


Most cruelly of all he turns on his wife and watches her die while at the same time sucking in all of her beauty, loyalty and kindness to enforce his own life force.

Early next morning, I went down to the farm to look for Charles. For the first time now I was struck with astonishment, it seemed to me so great. At last Bachir seemed defeated and ex- plained that his mother wanted him that morning; he handed me my shawl sadly and I was obliged to go off by myself.

Michel is disappointed immofalist the first ruins he sees in El Djem. My father had left it in charge of a bailiff. Published inlong post-marriage, Gide’s autobio novel except his fictional couple do screw, at least once startled friends who applauded his venture into uncharted terrain.

Now Immoralisst dug a bit deeper, I doubt that statement. I loved my father dearly; engrossed by his last illness, I had thought of nothing else all through that melancholy time but how to make his end easier; and so I pledged my life before I knew what the possibilities of life were.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist | Books | The Guardian

Soon I immoralost on this delight too; our rides grew longer, and sometimes I did not come in till nearly noon. The Immoralist Andre Gide. So then, as is always the case when one overcomes an initial dis- gust, I ended by taking pleasure in my dissimula- tion itself, by protracting it, as if it afforded oppor- tunity for the play of my undiscovered faculties.

I was too tired, too unwell to do anything but look at them; but the presence of their good health did me good. It is painfully, breathtakingly beautiful to observe this accretion of subsensual imagery, a layering of sense-data which eventually overwhelms not just Michel, but me as well. I smiled and said sadly: I loved a few friends you were among thembut it was not so much my friends I loved as friendship — it was a craving for high-mindedness gidw made my devotion to them so great; I cherished in myself each and all of my fine feelings.