Uploaded by sauron This is the first edition of “The Mastery of Life” (), the successful promotional booklet describing the Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C. Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life? Home Study Lessons Initiation and Fraternity The History of Rosicrucianism AMORC Today How to. with the mastery of life. The men . pared to meet all of the obstacles of life, to sweep A.M.O.R.C. The references appear under the subject of “Rosicrucian.”.

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Can the Rosicrucian Ilfe help you on that Quest? For others however, these topics are quite new and there is a great deal of catching up to do before they fully understand the potential that lies within them. Purpose of our Spiritual Evolution, Reincarnation and Karma The purpose of the Rosicrucian teachings is to learn how to find the answers llfe you. The Rosicrucian studies give you specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, liffephilosophy, and science When it is acceptable and complete, we will send you lofe first package of study materials.

The point is, the experience is noetic. This study of higher wisdom is designed to give you a complete knowledge plus a balanced and total personal development. From this spiritual foundation, from your connection with the greater whole, everything else flows. The only thing we really do require of you though is tolerance of the opinions of others, and patience with your own inner development. We look forward to welcoming you to the Rosicrucian Order.

Throughout history there have been periods of greater and lesser activity of Rosicrucianism around the world.

Full text of “AMORC Mastery Of Life”

If I am accepted as a Student member, I will abide by the following traditional pledge made by all new Student Members: The Rosicrucian system does not promise instant enlightenment: Only you can judge their validity by putting them to the test. It is in this attainment that one secures the deepest and most all-embracing sense of peace and harmony with self and all of creation.


You become a Rosicrucian initiate only through your own efforts, merits, and preparation. Perhaps it is the only one he or she must take.

If some aspects of our knowledge you simply cannot accept, we do not seek to force you to do so. Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life? Nicholas Flamel, and Robert Fludd Only sincere students, displaying a desire for knowledge and meeting certain tests were considered worthy pife being inducted into these mysteries Almost all of the Degrees of Rosicrucian study is preceded by an initiation ceremony that can easily be performed during home study. We endeavour to give you a system of living that brings you lasting success, happiness and peace, and we firmly believe our system can work for you if you give it a chance.

Furthermore, this insight, devoid of ego, is thoroughly comprehended as truthful.

Rosicrucian: Mastery of Life

Masterg regarding membership is never divulged or sold to a third party. The Rosicrucian system of study provides a foundation that ties together all different aspects of metaphysical study and demonstrates their inter-connectedness. This leads to an integration of all aspects of your being. As adults we are thrust into a society geared towards materialism and maintaining the status quo. I understand that the Rosicrucian monographs and other lesson materials always remain the property of AMORC, and are only loaned to Student masery.

og Each exercise supports, reinforces, and builds upon the preceding exercises and techniques, leading to balanced, full development. This knowledge when properly accessed is ultimately rational. Once your application has reached us it will be reviewed. A journey of discovery that goes to the very essence of your being. These are the great questions the brave and insightful have always sought answers to. Anytime you submit personal or financial information during a transaction, our secure server encrypts the information prior to sending.


It takes a special sort of dedication to quest for the knowledge of the universe. You can attain what is called Cosmic Consciousness.

Would you like to experience Mastery of Life?

Rarely, especially in the early formative years, are we taught inner development; with an emphasis on intuition, the subconscious mind, independent thinking, self esteem, self- confidence, psychic or fo spiritual growth.

Metaphysics is that which falls beyond the five physical senses; for example, intuition, visualization, and healing techniques.

It is a path travelled by a relative few at any one time. It has moved and is still moving with lifw times. The Path of the Mystic As a Rosicrucian student, you will be walking along the path of the mystic. Topics, exercises and experiments are presented madtery No other fees are required, nor must you purchase any books or other supplementary materials. A proper definition has always been elusive or vague.

Alchemy—the art of transmutation—c ame into prominence with the Alexandrian Off Are you currently a member of any Metaphysical, Fraternal or Mystical groups? Some of the renowned alchemists who were also Rosicrucians or were closely associated with them were Albertus Magnus, Roger Bacon