The Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra is a Mahayana sutra in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is one of the three principle Pure Land sutras along with the Infinite Life Sutra and the Amitabha Sutra. Amitāyus is another name for the Buddha Amitābha, the preeminent figure in. The Buddha tells the forty-eight vows of Dharmakara, who has become Amitayus Buddha, and describes His Pure Land of Peace and Bliss. He encourages all. The Tathagata, the Blessed One, the fully Awakened Buddha called [Amitayus], Limitless Life and Primordial Wisdom, the Utterly True Victor of.

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They widely expound the Dharma, never tiring.

Amitayus Long Life Sutra – Noble Silence

Buddha Amitayus has supernatural power; since everything is at surta disposal, he freely transforms himself in the regions of the ten quarters. Covering them are intermingled multitudinous jewels, such as precious gems and moon jewels.

Part of a series on. Having thus heard the names of all the Sutras, he will be freed from the greatest sins which would involve him in births and deaths during a thousand kalpas. By skillful means, they present the Three Vehicles. suyra

Amitayus Long Life Sutra – FPMT

Buddha himself disappeared from that mountain and appeared in the royal palace. As the teacher to all gods and humans, He enables them to attain bodhi as they wish. Thereupon Vaidehi saw Buddha Amitayus and approached the World-Honored One, and made obeisance to him, touching his feet, and spoke to him as follows: After kalpas of work, he can reach its bottom and obtain the treasures there.

Is this drop more than the water in the immense ocean? As they seek fleeting pleasures in wealth and rank, they can neither endure adversity nor cultivate virtue.

Buddha Sutras

As He widely expounds the wondrous Dharma, no one fails to understand and accept with delight the teachings for attaining bodhi. The king showed in his expression that he was happy and contented when he had an opportunity of hearing the Dharma as well as of enjoying the honey and flour.


With great adornments [his merit and wisdom], he completed many works and enabled sentient beings to acquire merit.

Nor does anyone tell them about these things. When one encounters a Buddha in the world, one should make energetic progress. Their mouth and mind contradict each other; their words and thoughts are dishonest.

And again, Exalted One, from what cause and circumstances have you such an affinity by blood and religion with Devadatta Buddha’s wicked cousin and once his disciple? These are the third enormous evil, the third pain, and the third burn. Thus a period of three weeks passed by. Pure Land Buddhism Mahayana sutras Buddhist apocrypha. The law of karma prevails, and the net of requitals is accordingly spread.

He and many Bodhisattvas will offer their hands and welcome him, ajitayus Avalokitesvara, Mahasthamaprapta, and all the other Bodhisattvas will praise the glory of the man who practiced the meritorious deeds, and convey an exhortation to his mind.

Today the Hero of the World abides in ustra truth in which all Buddhas abide. I will train myself and collect the pure adornments of innumerable Buddha Lands, so that I will quickly attain the perfect enlightenment and uproot the suffering of repeated birth and death.

The sounds of music are none other than Dharma tones, which are pure and resonant, wonderful and harmonious. As you see the ice shining and transparent, you should imagine the appearance of lapis lazuli. The youth who offers him grass is an auspicious sign of the fullness of his merit and endeavor. Evildoers are punished for their crimes. At the sight of Buddha, that believer will excessively rejoice in his heart; he will soon find himself seated on a lotus-flower.

After three lesser kalpas he will gain entrance to the knowledge of a hundred divisions of nature and become settled in the first joyful stage of Bodhisattva. Whether or not they have money, they worry about it just the same.


The World-Honored One predicted that they would all be born in that Surra country and be able to obtain the Samadhi the supernatural calm amitayks the presence of many Buddhas.

And he uttered the following prayer: The beds of silver ponds are covered with yellow gold dust. Perceive that an image of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is sitting on the left-hand flowery throne, shooting forth golden rays exactly like those of Buddha. Even as he amitqyus enjoyment of sense objects in his palace, such as sights and flavors, he perceives old age, illness, and death, and realizes the impermanence of the world. Xmitayus, you may ask, are the three classes of beings?

They destroy the hindrances caused by the three afflictions and playfully demonstrate their transcendental powers. All are naturally made of various treasures and adorned with the kings of jewels, such as the moonlight jewel and the ocean wheel jewel.

After this, the two great ministers withdrew stepping backward, each with his hand placed on his sword. I now have become a Buddha in this world of the five evils, [6] the five pains, and the five burns, and I teach sentient beings in extreme amitayud to discard the five evils, remove the five pains, and stay away from the five burns.

Some jeweled trees have coral roots, emerald trunks, conch shell branches, purple-tinged gold twigs, silver leaves, aquamarine flowers, and crystal fruits. They seek gratification in physical pleasure, abusing even their own relatives. They do not believe in rebirth after death.