AMISTAR XTRA is active against pathogens of the classes of Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetesm Deutromycetes and diseases it. Amistar Xtra Fungicide. Version: 1. Page 2 of7 I. Base Label. 15Janl. STORAGE AND DISPOSAL. Store in closed original container in a. AMISTAR. ®. XTRA Fungicide. Other Names: Proper shipping name: Environmentally Hazardous. Substance, Liquid, N.O.S. (Azoxystrobin). Applicable only for.

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Diseases and Combat Fungi: Net Blotch Net blotch, be it the more aggressive net form or the more commonly found spot form, have been found to be consistently controlled better qmistar applications of AMISTAR XTRA than with other cereals fungicides registered for their control.

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Syngenta’s Amistar Xtra – The Barley Specialist

The products and rates were: In the media What’s on? Evaluating the cost effectiveness of strobilurin fungicides in barley – Munglinup, WA. Two sprays were more cost effective than one spray, in part because two sprays applied more active ingredient and gave better disease control and green leaf retention.

Search Results Trial Name: My Account Create account Sign In. Your cart is currently empty. From a technical standpoint it should be emphasised that both Tilt Xtra and Amistar Xtra are mixtures of two active ingredients, a feature that might confer an advantage when applied at lower rates provided of course that both active ingredient are effective against the target disease and available at a cost effective price.

Rape – the critical moment in combating white rot is the fall of flower petals on leaves and stems; bloomingthe product has a strong anti-rotting effect against rotting.

Since Amistar Xtra and Tilt Xtra were more cost effective than Opus in this experiment it would indicate that both products mixtures were relatively strong against leaf rust. Harvest Weed Seed Control Project. Amistar Xtra, 1 litre.


Early sown wheat project. Please add some products to see your order summary here. Net blotch, be it the more aggressive net form or the more commonly found spot form, have been found to be consistently controlled better with applications of AMISTAR XTRA than with other cereals fungicides registered for their control. Each product rate combination was applied as a single spray applied at GS33 third node — flag leaf minus 1 emergence and as a two spray programme with treatments applied at GS30 start of stem elongation and GS49 first awns emerging.

Always consult the product label prior to use. Same day order dispatch for orders finalized by 2: Professional Team ready to tend to your needs.

Amistar Xtra – Fungicide

Product information Additional Information Reviews. Disease levels in the untreated continued to build up through stem elongation, mildew being dominant until awn emergence with leaf rust being dominant post ear emergence. For delivery estimate, please log into your account and set the address. For further information please call the Syngenta Technical Product Advice Line on or visit our website amkstar www.

The strobilurin based treatment Amistar Xtra showed greater yield superiority over the triazole treatments Tilt Xtra and Opus when applied as a single spray, however overall even with Amistar Xtra, 2 spray approaches gave better results than single spray applications.

Soil Acidity and Lime Response Trials. Product information Amistar Xtra is a modern, broad-spectrum fungicide, whose mode of action positively influences the plant’s physiological activity. Amistar Xtra from Syngenta is a world leading broad spectrum cereal fungicide providing persistent disease protection and rapid curative activity.

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Sign in My Account. The trial, in the cultivar Baudin, compared three fungicides products applied at three rates.


Sunflower – Amtraar Xtra SC is applied to the maximum terrestrial stage with classical machines as close as possible to the floral button phase.

View all Bait Stations. Contact Our Team, our Business. The discount gets applied by mentioning the name under which the review was made, in the comments section, at checkout. Read the Encyclopedia Pest encyclopedia. Xtra shampoo protects new leaf growths by forming a product deposit in the leaf sheath, being reactivated in contact with water. This approach ensures that all of the key yield determining parts of the plant are protected.

Crop establishment detection using UAVs.

Product – Amistar Xtra – Farmboek

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Mode of action and use: In terms of product performance, at the rates tested Amistar Xtra the stobilurin based fungicide was superior to Tilt Xtra, which in turn was superior to Opus in terms of yield and margin. However even where the same amount of active ingredient was applied, there was a tendency for two sprays to be more cost effective amietar one spray, though this was not always based on statistically significant yield differences.

Newsletter sign-up The latest products and news delivered to your inbox. View all Sprayers Foggers. View all Insecticides crops. The first application xgra made at GS 30 – 33 followed by a second application at GS amisttar – JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Contract trials with SFS. No part of this material may be reproduced, translated, transmitted, framed or stored in a retrieval system for public or private use without the written permission of the publisher.