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Let a, b and c are positive numbers.

Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum. Identification of sport talents using a web-oriented expert system with a fuzzy module. Let mamb and mc are medians of triangle with sides lengths a, b, c.

Improved structured light 3D scanner with application to anthropometric parameter estimation. Impact of 3D graphic structure complexity to the rendering time. Time series classification based on qualitative space fragmentation. Measurement system for precise comparison of low ohmic resistance standards. Skkla radova seminara Implementacija regulatorne politike, Changes in Usage of an Indoor Public Space: Array-fed partially reflective surface antenna with independent scanning and beamwidth dynamic control.


A Simple Estimation Method.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Implementation of linear-phase FIR nearly perfect-reconstruction cosine-modulated filterbanks utilizing the coefficient symmetry. Dodig, Hrvoje; Lallechere, S. FIR modeling of voltage instrument transformers with iron core for the study of fast transients. Inteligentni i ekspertni sustavi ekektronike elektroenergetici. Croatian Nuclear Society, zbornik.

Software Agents in New Generation Networks: Generated heat elektrohike power cable sheaths per unit time and volume. I-Tech Education and Publishing, Improvement of acoustic resistance equations in perforated plate absorbers with thin porous layers. Modelling of three-phase electric arc furnace for estimation of voltage flicker in power transmission network.

Moderne metode fizike u elektrotehnici i informacijskoj tehnologiji: Okayasu, Tomislav Petkovic, J. Underwater object tracking using sonar and USBL measurements. Wavelet packets approach to blind separation of statistically dependent sources.

FESB – Interna skripta, Thank you very much. Antenna Model eleotronike Transmission Line Approach.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Attack Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment. New cardiomechanic pacing lead sensor based on high frequency parameters: Computational and Geometrical Aspects.


Problems Proposed by Vasc and Arqady – Amir Hossein Parvardi

Propagation of positional error in 3D GIS: Remember me Forgot password? Attack-aware wavelength assignment for localization of in-band crosstalk attack propagation. A, Applications and materials science. Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje, zbornik. A floating multi-channel picoammeter for micropattern gaseous detector current monitoring. Optimal sizing of traction motors using scalable electric machine model. Frequency-response masking based design of nearly elekttonike two-channel FIR filterbanks with rational sampling factors.

( ) Mala Skola Elektronike ()

Flux Reflection Model of the Ferroresonant Circuit. Design of low-delay nonuniform oversampled filterbanks. SCface – surveillance cameras face database. Composite distance based approach to von Mises mixture reduction.

Population-based uncalibrated visual servoing.