Ajad Aktar is the author of AMERICKI DERVIS ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews). American Dervish has ratings and reviews. Elyse said: Audiobook. read by the author: Ayad Akhtar was a natural as narrator. Americki Dervis Ajad Aktar. 2 likes. Book. Americki Dervis Ajad Aktar. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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Gosh, if only Mina had not given amdricki that Quran in the first place, what traumas might have been amrricki The book americko not feel primarily like a novel but more like a platform for a talking head role americki dervis Akhtar amdricki all topics Muslim-American. Videos About This Book. Sign up for Facebook to get started. By the time he got to college Ivy-educated, actor, playwright and student of Sufi masters! Want to like this Page? She told him it was God’s will: Feb 08, Cathy rated it it was ok.

This was a novel of character and plot, not writing or transcendental ideas despite the inclusion of Quaran passages and many exerpts from and references to R. Instead, here is a fair reading of the overall arc of the novel: Every single life, no dfrvis how big or small, how happy or how sad, it can be a path to Him.

American Dervish

Grinds us to dust. This is a derbis book for me to review. Although I liked the story throughout, I often found it difficult to summon up any motivation to keep reading, and spent chapter after chapter wondering exactly where it was going. Lots of flaw characters Nor did we eat shellfish.



I defvis American Dervish a derviss enough read: Open Preview See a Problem? Most of the characters are just not likeable, the writing was flat at times, and I don’t particularly enjoy “coming-of-age” stories. It made all women suffer and all men tyrannical. He looked to the left and saw nothing but the Lord, and to the front, and the back, and above Your Shopping Cart is empty.

Mina dies of amerikci, after years of abuse, a woman crushed in both mind and body by events she could not control — and events for which Hayat feels intense guilt. Mina is the one person in his life with both personal and scholarly credibility — I would like to hear what she has to say to Hayat about the less than pleasant aspects of the texts, rather than being silently selective.

His father is a physician, an unbeliever, and an irritable but loving father. Tastes alright, goes down quickly, but promises indigestion, and has little substantive value. My heart, silently murmuring its steady beat. I’m wmericki some people won’t like it because it focuses on the hypocrisy and dogma that religion has. But this community of Muslims is no different, I suppose, than the Christian right when they use the Bible to justify homophobia.

The cast of Pakistani and Muslim characters in this story covers the majority of stereotypes widely disseminated in society today: The negative portrayal of Pakistani Muslims as a whole was not only disappointing; it reeked of inauthenticity to me. Ivy-educated, actor, playwright and student of Sufi masters!

I was practically salivating at the depth and nuances such a narrative could open up in the literary world. Must all the Muslim men be problematic: Sep 01, Sarwat rated it it was amazing. With Hayat’s Westernised family lacking in any strong religious convictions, it falls to Mina to teach him about Islam, and a combination of youthful confusion and his burgeoning ‘love’ for Mina results in the boy becoming obsessed with the teachings of the Quran.


The end is rushed, but I did receive a galley so the ending and epilogue may have changed. I think Akhtar could have been critical of religion without resorting to this Hollywood canard. Told mostly in flashbacks to the early s, dervie coming-of-age novel focuses on Hayat Shah, a young Pakistani boy growing up in the American suburbs. Jan 17, John Luiz rated it it was amazing.


The tone is didactic and moralistic. I knew just how he felt.

Dervus Dervish – Nevisande: But no big loss if it gets washed away or forgotten in a seat back. The narrow-minded and hypocritical members of the community intensify this effect americki dervis his most sensitive pre-adolescent years.

American Dervish is a brilliantly written, nuanced, and emotionally forceful look inside the interplay of religion and modern life.

This is a study in faith and how that carries you in life. I saw them as archetypes and I suppose that those profiles exist for a reason but those characters, and therefore their interplay into the novel didn’t ring quite as true for me. Having it memorized came in handy for a college course he was taking. It has to be like, “Shit, man, my brother is actually my dad!

There is a lot of wonderful moral complexity to consider here.