Tarpanam (tarpana) that anyone can do and should do to help our ancestors ( pitru) move to the next level in Tarpanam Telugu . Amavasya (new Moon) day. Yajur Veda Amavasya Pitru Tarpanam Songs Download – Listen to telugu songs from Yajur Veda Amavasya Pitru Tarpanam MP3 songs online free. Play Yajur. Generally, Pithru Tharpanam is done during Amavasya days, Solar and I required the process and mantras of pitru tarpanam in telugu lipi.

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Similarly Shraddhas on Amavasya days coinciding with Stars of Pushya or Punarvasi are extremely auspicious to the ancestors and the Karthas those who perform the Ceremonies. September 22, at 8: April 17, at 7: July 16, at 7: Chinmatra or Abhouthik category. August 6, at 7: Pitru Paksha also coincides with Chaturmasam the amavassya sacred period for worshipping both Deities as well as Pitrus.

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Pitru Tarpanam

Yes Ladies can do tharpanam by using White Til ellu. Hence, this period of 15 days has become very sacred and celestial for performing sacred rites to forefathers.

June 11, at 7: August 19, at 7: Any special pooja, if any, amavassya be performed while doing Yearly Sradham and its benefits? July 7, at 9: April 25, at 2: April 8, at 6: July 30, at July 7, at 8: April 13, at 6: This Mahalaya is also called as Sasthrahatha Mahalaya.

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First about the Pitras: April 26, at April 10, at 6: April teluyu, at 7: Worshipping these four categories is given highest significance and importance in Hindu Dharma. June 17, at 9: April 16, at It is said and believed that one will get discharged from Pithru Rina by begetting a son continuity of generationby serving the Parents and also by performing Pithru Yagna tharppanam rites to forefathers. June 9, at 2: June 30, at 6: September 16, at 8: As we approach towards the middle of Bhadrapada Masam as per the Lunar Calendar, it is time for us to worship the departed souls fore fathers.


April 25, at 8: Mahalaya TharpanamPitru Tharpanam. Error comes in the screen.

Amavasya Tharpanam In Telugu Pdf

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,! August 3, at 5: Ohm All Please go through agasthiar. September 14, at Appreciate your reply that can be tnarpanam with other Brahmin collegues.

June 14, at 2: May 9, at 6: Brahma Tharpanam, Surya Tharpanam, etc. What are the items required to have for doing thevasam? April 26, at 1: August 5, at 8: Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Organik Pdf. July 18, at 1: June 6, at