Alf Hornborg is an anthropologist and Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University, Sweden. His research focuses on theorizing the cultural and political. A Jerneck, L Olsson, B Ness, S Anderberg, M Baier, E Clark, T Hickler, Sustainability science 6 (1), , , Zero-sum world: challenges in. Alf Hornborg is Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University since He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University.

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In other words, the more of its original energy that has been dissipated, the higher its price. Culture, Power, and Environmental Argument2 p. Some of these materials are rare and expensive and degrade hornbirg environment. Toward a system perspective Alf Hornborg The world system alg the Earth system: Can we domesticate the root of all evil?

Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia: Practices of cosmology and identity. In this article, we propose a research agenda that advances the methodological and theoretical understanding of what SS can be, how it can be pursued and what it can contribute.

Retrieved from Lund University’s publications database. The key focus is on knowledge structuring. On the contrary, it can be analytically demonstrated that unequal exchange emerges from a kind of inverse relationship between productive potential and economic value. Rethinking Modernity in a New Epoch. Culture, power, and environmental argument Lund Studies in Human Ecology2 Voices of the land: Min profil Mitt bibliotek Statistik Meddelande. The central ambition has been to examine how specific cultural yornborg constrain human approaches to economics, technology, and ecology, nornborg how such assumptions tend to serve as ideologies that reproduce social relations of power.


International Trade and Environmental Justice: The notion of a reasonable market price conceals the fact that what is being exchanged are intact resources for products representing resources already afl.

Antropologi som utsiktsplats och revolution Alf Hornborg Den antropologiska erfarenheten Book chapter. Identifikation och tradition i vardagen. Alf Hornborg Transformations of kinshipp.

Like other modern technologies they depend on high domestic purchasing power combined with cheap Asian labour, Brazilian land, or Congolese cobalt. Journal from the Swedish Research Council Formas.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet

Log In Sign Up. Historical and comparative perspectivesp.

Review of ‘The Returns of Fetishism: Technology versus economy and other fragmentations Alf Hornborg Knowledge and Policy6 p.

Global challenges of sustainability, justice and resilience all demand much more integrated thinking.

Alf Hornborg | Lund University –

Grund- och forskarutbildningen i humanekologi vid Lunds universitet: Ecologically unequal exchange and ecological debt. Historical and comparative perspectives.


Journal from the Swedish Research Council Formasp. Beyond Development and Progressp.

hornbotg Toward a system perspective Alf Hornborg Current Anthropology46 p. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. Global Environmental History more. Conversations with Stephen Gudeman The world system unmasked: Professor Human Ecology Allf number: A polemic Alf Hornborg Peopled economies: Kritiska studier av framtidsbilder.

Alf Hornborg Kungl. Rose EconomicsFinanceFinancial Institutions 0. The world system and the Earth system: His primary research interest is the cultural and political dimensions of human-environmental relations in past and present societies, particularly from the perspective of world-system analysis. Renewable energy technologies emerged in this specific human society — inequality, globalisation and all — and their very feasibility is dependent on world market prices.

Ingold, “The perception of the environment: The power of the machine: Global inequalities of economy, technology, and environment Alf Hornborg Today Switzerland is holding a referendum concerning banking and the creation of money. So how to break this impasse?

Alf Hornborg Rain14 allf. June 8, Mathew D. Global ecology and unequal exchange: