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As a whole, post-war KGB was typologically similar to panslavist groups inside the imperial government on the eve of the First World War and with racist, xenophobe organizations in the Reich, serving as a cover for the atlantist residents.

Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin | LibraryThing

In a parallel way to working at space war projects, the geopolitics of the Brezhnev epoch elaborated applicable ideological and political models taking into account the new strategic and military nomenclature and typology of the space age. Jan Parvulesco has supplemented this definition by occult geopolitical measurement.

We shall be indulgent only then, when our Continent duin be free, when the last atlantist will be dropped into Salt Waters, in the elements symbolically belonging to the Egyptian god geopolirike the Crocodile face.

What terrible secret touched Obolenskiy, investigating the history of putsch? How does this fly with his statement that its practice and insights are reserved for the elites? Soko, ponekad i ovan Ariestradicionalno su smatrani za simbole Hvarena.

The cautious and never hastening Brezhnev had fulfilled his promise — made to the eurasian lobby — to change the backstage order of the internal soviet structure of power.

Pomorska sila nastoji da ne dopusti Rusiji prilaz tim toplim morima i zatvara je na hladnom severoistoku.

The European Enterprise

It is all that but it is duginn much, much more:. This seemingly failed Avatar waits for the appropriate moment of a Second Coming in the fullness of time. For this reason nothing in the reality of the escatological epoch – and many traditional and religious authorities dkgin that we now live just in such epoch – can serve as absolute negativeness or absolute positiveness.

Eurasist national-bolsheviks undoubtedly were also among the Russians, and the circumstance is curious, that Lenin itself during the emigration aspired to be pulled together to German politics and financiers; moreover, many of his theses were rather frankly germanophile.


This bloody character – ideal type for the characteristic of Order of Red Ass as aleksansar whole — was abhored by the General Staff and, of course, by GRU agents and patriots of Eurasia in the first place. Occult punic war invisibly continuing during millennia. Later the sect of Seth merged with various phoenician cults, specially with the bloody cult of Moloch.

For now, let us just provisionally define his terms that Dugin is applying here. This fight of two opposite types of world-view, two metaphysical pictures of Life, two paths to the cosmos and through the cosmos, two great Principles, not only opposing each other, but also indispensable to each other – since on this pair all cosmogonic and cosmological process, all cyclical course of human history is based.

So what is the main thing an aspiring world ruler has to know to practice his craft? The only true path is the one that is Master Wong. Such conspiracy resulted, eventually, in the catastrophe of the eurasian lobby. Besides, Yalta caused Stalin aleksandaar solidarize with the Veopolitike, that is with those powers which have always been the worst enemies ksnove Eurasia. Lukyanov it was necessary to remove at any cost. KGB is a cover for this Order. Nobody, especially in the mainstream media or academia, poses the question, how come the geopolitical explanations of just alsksandar everything are so popular all of the sudden.

Stalin, perfectly understanding the laws of geopolitics and having already made his eurasist choice, could not fail to understand it.

ISU | Subject: Геополитика, Универзитет у Београду

Let us now briefly outline the peripeties of osnive occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Orders within the Soviet system. Strategic plans of Shtemenko included the peaceful economic-cultural penetration into Afghanistan dugij which he spoke in the years and the entry of Soviet troops in the arab capitals – Beyrut, Damascus, Cairo, Algeri.

Are you ready, wise strategists of GRU? It must be noticed that Berzin ignored this order. Brezhnev’s strategy was on the whole continentally oriented, though space and space weapon became nevertheless the basic sphere of strategic interest. And, rest assured, FG yields that answer in no uncertain terms. Yakovlev, who admitted to have criticized Marcuse, not having found time at all to read him; the Stalin scientists continuing, though in a peculiar form, the pre-revolutionary academic heopolitike, as a rule, were distinguished for their knowledge of those authors which they sincerely or not so sincerely criticized.


I would like to know more. Islam reaguje na globalizaciju i bori se sa njom kako zna i ume.

O Srbima na Kosovu i Metohiji niko ne brine! In the certain sense, those are two mutually exclusive, competing models. Khrushev’s dismissal was undoubtedly made by hands of the Order of Eurasia.

Alemsandar nobody is alarmed about the fact that this practically came out of nowhere just a few years ago. Arno Brekker, the famous German sculptor, who very well knew Bormann, told Parvulesco about one strange visit from him in Jackelsburg. Srbija mora da probudi Rusiju! But also the version about the poisoning of Kryuchkov by the remaining eight members appears scarcely believable to us, as the KGB people guarded their chiefs more vigilantly than Gorbachev itself.

Takvi su, zapravo, istupili protiv evropskih interesa. A zatim Gruzija, Ukrajina. Why Yazov has chosen the chief of the most anti-eurasist body? Geopolktike is why geopolitics — regardless of its fundamental presuppositions — never became an ideology as such or, to be more precise: Globalizacija i njeni instrumenti!

If the fulfilment of the global destiny would be purely deterministic, there would be no incentive to write the rest of this mammoth book and outline the design for the creation of a multipolar world a. KGB was initially planned as the only ideological-punitive structure called to supervise above the subjects of the communist social and cultural space.

If there is an opening, if there is a partial Western collapse, we might just see those dastardly Russians create an Empire anew and along these very ideas.

Both Orders have the deepest ontological and sacred roots, and have the metaphysical reasons to be what they are.