View and Download ALASKA BM user manual online. Bread Maker. BM Bread Maker pdf manual download. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung Alaska Kl search result. Download manual Bread baking machine ALASKA BM Download manual: Bread. .com/ TZ

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Milk GlazeTo achieve a softer, shiny crust, baste the freshly baked bread with butter or heavy cream.

Manual Alaska BM

The bread will be done at the desired time. Please disconnect the power plug 7 from the power outlet to be sure that the device iscompletely shut down. Like all products from ALASKA ,this product has also been developed on the basis of the latest technology and produced usingreliable and modern electronic components.

The recipes listed in this manualare based on the use of large eggs. Do not use powdered sugar or bedienungsanlditung sugar unless this is specificallyrecommended. It isnormal for the appliance to audibly vibrate during the kneading process.

Such measuring cups are available in different sizes. Baking PowderBaking powder is used as a leavening agent for fast-baking breads and cakes. Bulky food items, metal foils, packaging or similar items may not be placed into theappliance. Split Wh eatSplit wheat is very coarse. It is alsoimportant to store flour correctly. The prese t program times cannot be changed. A Fill a small bowl or cup half full with lukewarm water.

Bread loaves baked with whole-wheat flour are usually smaller and heavier thanbread loaves made with white flour. U only dry y I, inc fr sh y st caninfluence the result negatively. Allow the baking pan 2 to cool down for approx. To avoid excessiverising of the dough, reduce the quantity of yeast by approx.


The bread can remain in the device for another 60minutes without moisture soaking the bread. The quantityof salt listed in recipes should therefore not be increased. Smoke can be created if the dough rises above the rim of thebaking pan 2 and comes into contact with the heat coil. Published on Dec Alas,a 1. In case of im roper use or wrong operationno liability is accepted for possible damages.

Alaska Bm Bedienungsanleitung Pdf File

Please comply with all safetyinformation in order to avoid damages to your unit caused by improper use! Drip over raising bread orsweet bread. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaning agents or abrasivesponges! Backing pan 2 and the bread are very hot!

Never touch the power plug with wet or damp hands. Add theingredients into the measuring cupsone spoon at a time, and “cut” across the rim of themeasuring cup using a knife. Sugar is food for yeast andsupports the fermenting process.

Please read this user manual prior to using the appliance! The brochure athand contains a collection of recommendations for bakingwhich will be useful to you. Youcan also 1I this program to re-bake bread, bedienungsanlejtung was not completely baked. The applianc is not suitable for outdoor use.

Regularly inspect power plug and power cable fordamages. You will notice that you must gain experiencewith several types of flour until you are able to bake perfect loaves of bread. Bedienungsanoeitung Place the bowl or cup in a warm environment and wait 10 minutes. Whole-Wheat FlourFor whole-wheat flourthe complete grain of wheat is ground.


Baking soda also does not require time to rise prior to bakingsince the chemicalreaction will beddienungsanleitung only during the baking process. Thetimer can be preprogrammed to max. Small quantities of solid or liquid ingredients e.

Alaska Bm 2000 Bedienungsanleitung Pdf File

If this ppliance should be passed on to third parties, please also enc lose this usermanual. Please be careful when moving the appliance while it is filled with liquid. Select one of the following glazes foryour bread.

Prior to usepi ase check whether the power supply type and voltage rating correspond tothe data listed on the type plate. Do not sift flour. Remove the baking pan 2 from the device and remove the dough hook 3 from the drivaxle 4 inside the baking pan 2. Do not cover the appliance while it is switched on. Carefully dry these parts before replacing them into the appliance. Never pour water or other liquids into the baking chamber of the appliance. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself.

The right to guarantee claims expires upon any intervention of the purchaser or third parties Damages caused by wrong treatment or operation, by false placement storage, improper connection installation, as well as force or other external influences are not covered by this