Synopsis: In the immediate aftermath of September 11, , in his fourteenth year as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan took part in a. In the immediate aftermath of September 11, 21, in his fourteenth year as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan took part in. Find great deals for La Era de las Turbulencias: Aventuras en un Nuevo Mundo by Alan Greenspan (Paperback / softback, ). Shop with confidence on.

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La Era de las Turbulencias : Alan Greenspan :

True he survived many presidents from both parties, it is hard to say how much of his facts and predictions is influenced by his political standpoint and interests. Instead, I got really angry.

It turbukencias beefy and meaty served with starch and gravy. The good things about this book are that Greenspan is a free marketeer, and he has an immense store of economic knowledge to draw on. Published September 17th by Penguin first published However, I am not that brilliant, but I couldn’t help hating the last 70 or so pages as he kept talking about the need for Americans to own their own homes.

The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World

What’s unique about this book is I skipped a vreenspan through his account of the Clinton and George W. He had great hopes for the Reagan administration, but they weren’t realized because once again, Congress couldn’t keep the purse strings ee. The answer is always “cut back government and let the market do its job” — even in the fact of glaring inequalities like Turbulrncias.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Greenspan attempts to get out of that particular straight jacket and instead of being lost speaking of the 50s or 60s, he looks at the past years and makes a temporal correlation and analysis that allows readers to follow his mind track as he forecasted possible developments for the future. If his claims are correct, however, my argument follows from his.


Books about capitalism non-fiction books. As this was written in and read by me on it’s interesting how current and correct Greenspan’s forecasts turned out to be.

The first half of The Age of Turbulence is an autobiographical chronology of Greenspan’s life that shows readers the people and circumstances that helped shape and guide Greenspan—from hours of clarinet and saxophone practice to living-room philosophy with Ayn Rand.

The size of this book was not an issue—if a book is well written and you happen to have the background knowledge, you can finish five hundred pages within a week or two.

There was good reason to fear the worst: Many would rather have seen a detailed look of what it was like to run the Fed for almost two decades. Anyone interested in recent history; economics students. The last third, though, was a hard slog for me. Greenspan trying alna shift the blame of his 25 years as Fed chairman on to things “out of his control”.

This was compounded in by the Russian debt crisis he felt any tightening could be destabilising in the fragile environment, and that this risk over-weighed the potential inflationary risk from a dovish stance. His last chapter, in a sense, is quite interesting, as he tries to project the state of the economy in the turublencias The first half of the book is auto-biography, which I recommend, but the second half is a lot of musing. The major disappointments come from the balance of the book where too often he paints with a very wide brush.

Obviously, as we’ve found out over the last couple of yea This book was great – he is such a brilliant man. Sep 27, Abdulaziz Alseja rated it it was ok. Perhaps such things are unavoidable when you are the Fed Chairman for such a long time. I felt so for the first part, when Greenspan reflected on his childhood and career path, but certainly not enjoyable for the last part when he commented gfeenspan more theoretic issues.


I’m a bit more knowledgeable about how his keeping rates low helped give us a budget surplus and I’m less convinced that those artifically low rates sp Three quarters through, Greenspan began as any good professor, explaining economics to laypeople. RowlingHardcover To most Americans Greenspan has always seemed to be a powerful and mysterious figure – a financial shaman or wizard, who emerged from the shadows periodically to make inexplicable pronouncements on the economy.

In the first part, the Author looks at his own life and biography.

I’m not Greensan, so perhaps I’m more forgiving. How would I ever coast confidently through a green light ever again? Most greennspan us know where our next meal is coming from. Peter Petre Official Website. Friedman was largely praising of the book, describing it as “clearly written and easy to read and understand” and says that Greenspan is “forthright in sharing his views on not only policy issues but also the personalities of many of the people with whom he worked during his time in office.

He is too much an economist and tends turbulencjas explain everything using the market framework, which makes me wonder if he really is that naive towards geopolitics and diplomacy. As a former student of Latin American studies was my yreenspan in collegeI was really interested to read the section about LA and how much trouble they have had going to a free market system. Not loving his laissez-faire theories, he makes a valid case with empirical evident for such practices.

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