T.I.M.E AIMCAT Series – Key to sucess in CAT – Duration: Time4Education. Aimcat. RC questions. Grammar. Word based. VR. 3Passages / 3 questions each passage. Error. Spotting. FIB / Multiple Usage. PJ/PC. 3Passages /. jitesh: sir my score in qa and di in aimcat has improved but my verbal section has decreased please tell what should i do to improve my verbal as it is.

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Continue reading newspapers to improve vocabulary. You do not need to attempt every question in an RC. This will help you to identify what areas your judgement is going wrong, focus on them in terms of preparation and see if your accuracy improves next time. By reading the statements – I have answered this question already.

Already I’ve given nine mocks.

I guess this is what differentiates me from what I was a few years ago, now I never lose my calm and confidence and the slight hiccup actually sort of unwinded me. I am working hard but nothing is going my way. How can I improve my performance in it?

You should start 1391 the sense of the language rather than trying to figure out the rules of grammar. Please let me know how should I go forward to avoid this.

Aimcat Videos –

We used to go to movies together and since she was also placed now we were both really relaxed and that helped in steering things forward.


Depends on what range of percentile you are getting in the AIMCATs, the lower percentilers would remain at that level, the higher ones get a better percentile in the actual test, given the same level of performance. He was clearly upset and disappointed with me.

You dismissed this ad. Do refer to the strategy of verbal part in the chat. Everyone in my family was shocked, my friends were shocked. I have realized that failure, whether of the personal, professional or even spiritual kind, is essential to personal expansion. I had decent sleep in the night.

I learn’t two facts in retrospective. That’s where the speed maths concepts are helpful and probably you’re missing a trick or two, talk to your faculty with your aimcat analysis.

If you meant verbal as a whole then the solution is multi-pronged.

Your thoughts and suggestions on this aimcwt It was just a bad day. I will call her Isha from now on name changed. I used to get more in verbal in the mockcat n aimtest The results would follow. There will be around 2 to 3 questions on Sentence Correction. Read, read and read. What is the best site for cat exam? You must choose the best R.

In parajumbles, out of the given 3 or 4 questions, I am unable to solve atleast 1 or 2questions, which I feel difficult to find link among the sentences given. Sir I am having disaster after disaster in Quant section my Verbal is some what ok i get around 75percentile in verbal i.

You will need to put in much more effort this time around. Aimcatt material or class handouts. Then take a look at the SCHOs that you might have already done in class.


AimCat 0808

Also, you need to practice parajumbles, paragraph completion etc. You would have received V10, the Grammar book in the first lot of material. Should this be a reason for me to worry? But the best way would be to learn by reading the newspapers. Revisit your basics in any topic if required. Dear Sam, better way of ai,cat words is by coming across them while reading passages.

Chat Transcript

You are on the right wimcat. What hurt even more, was that guys who were not even preparing for CAT ended up clearing it. I find Number Systems to be a little tricky. Practice reading, improve your grammar and english usage skills. I became very strong in quant and DI, however, my English and LR section still needed a lot of improvement. Don;t be harsh on yourself.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

Refer your speed enhancement test booklet and take up a couple of practice tests everyday and then analyse the test once you are through. How do i need to prepare for it? Reading on a daily basis will help you do well.

Life Throws A Curveball. You have quite a decent score so don’t worry too much about it. CAT Results Overall percentile: